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I would be in that kind of situation. The only time I really have issue with something like this is when its a gacha game where I need to pay real money for digital items. I generally don't buy things on and I'd love to see it on steam, where I can purchase it much easier. Either way I hope to see more from you guys in the future!

I just finished it, got all the items. I quite enjoyed this, I liked the concept of your money being your time, and depending on what experiences you focus on will offer up new options in life. I would love to see another free game use the gacha mechanic for something, because I like collecting things and this game itched that desire, and I'd like to see it more in a way that isn't intrusive gambling.

Hey dude don't worry about it! We all understand that game development is hard and takes time! As long as you continue to provide fun and quality games, I don't think anyone is going to complain! You make the games you want to make, you don't owe us anything, as long as you enjoy and are passionate about your work! I look forward to seeing whatever you release in the future, both this game and Around the Clock at Bikini Bottom! Keep up the awesome work!

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Oh that sounds like it would be awesome! I'll definitely have to keep an eye out for that! I'm planning a weekend where I try to play as many of your games as possible in a row, from your first released game on itch to your newest, while I continue to be a massive coward who gets scared really easily. I figured it would be a fun way to spend a weekend. Either way, thank you so much for taking the time to respond back to me, and I hope everything goes well with your upcoming games, and I'll definitely keep an eye out for your stuff in the future!

Hey I'm really interested in this game but sadly I can't purchase it on due to lack of funds (I use steam wallet codes) so i was wondering if there is any plans to maybe release this on steam, maybe bundled with Strange Terror from the stars? I really want to play it! Either way keep up the awesome work, I hope it all goes well!

I really liked the original game and I'm really excited for the sequel! I hope it comes out soon because I really love these games!

Hey there, random gamer here, I was just wondering how the game is going! I saw Markiplier play this a while ago, but it looked really fun! I was wondering if/when you will ever release it on steam, because I know of more than a few games that I was really excited for to release on steam just seeming to drop off the face of the earth. I apologize if you have already been asked this question, but I really hope this game succeeds and I wish you the best of luck in the future! 

I just did a Let's Play of this and it was a really interesting experience! Please check it out if you are interested!


I have the same bug!

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Current Version: Alpha .07 I loved alot of the improvements you made to the game, and I especially loved the addition of dipping the heated weapons in water. However, I have two bugs. The first is that sometimes on random days, if fufill a request before time runs out, customers stop coming and I have to reset to get them to come back. However the second problem is much more important. Since the update, I have sold one weapon. I don't know if its because its running slowly on my computer or whatever, I cannot fufill requests for weapons. I always run out of time, but in the previous verison of .6, I never had any problems with time. I have yet to be able to make a single sale, and I always run out with just a second or two to spare, so my shop is currently full of weapons that other people have ordered in the hopes that someone will want the same type. I am close to going bankrupt.

EDIT: Not only that, but after turning the game back on after writing this post, I found out that all the weapons I had made before had completly fallen apart, and all the blade parts were in their heated forms.

I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, but the game is extremely laggy for me. I turned down the water graphics as low as they could go, and turned off the sun beams in the options, but the game still never gets about 12FPS, despite setting the game to run on the fastest possible setting on starting up the game. Is there something I could do to help speed the game up a bit?

I ran into a bug where my character will pull the hook out of the water, only to drop it immediatly afterwards despite me not clicking. I then have to reel it back in and hope it doesn't do this again. This can be annoying as he can even do this while I'm charging up a throw, resulting in me throwing the hook at half the power I needed. It once even set me back quite a bit, as it prevented me from pulling out my spear, allowing the shark to destroy my water purifier. Other than that, I really like the game and its alot of fun!