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Replied to PayneAlltop in Bug Reports

1) place ingots on anvil

2) hold Z

3) select type

4) click or let go of Z

It has to be in this order. YOu cannot select anything without ingots on the anvil, you need to HOLD z to be able to select

Replied to Kaos0102 in Bug Reports


Try removing your settings:

Save Game Files can be found:


Replied to PayneAlltop in Bug Reports

Did you place >two< ingots on the anvil and hit Z to select "BLUNT" ? :)

If you use the itch.io app it will automatically update, I think - if not, you need to check the downloads every once in a while and re-download the game :)

download the latest version of the game, it has been fixed yesterday :)

Replied to ItsAsylum in Bug Reports

raise the mouse sensitivity in the options menu :)

Yeah that means a quick update in order to fix a critical bug :)

Yeah there is a hotfix, #731, fixing this bug! It happens on save game load and when sleeping.

Works like a charm now :)

it will be coming in a later update :)

Well this actually is the first version that theoretically HAS the equip function, it just needs a bit more love :D

Armor I THINK I have seen suggested somewhere and it will come :)

And yeah events and attacks are planned, check some of the later updates on trello, either 0.0.8 or 0.0.9

Replied to Cleblatt64 in Bug Reports

Yeah the sandbox is a bit buggy, but like dozens of bugs in the shop mode have been fixed :D

Replied to Lightdeck in Bug Reports
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are you sure about that? I think for me the game actually paid me the weapon that the customer took. I got paid a great sword (which they took) even though I held a pole arm into their face

Edit: And yes, it has been reported somewhere xD sooooo should be fixed in the next patch maybeee?

Oh you have been playing a veeeery old version, the game has changed a lot since you played it :D

Most important change: the menu to change head types (hold Z)

Replied to pyrawoods in Bug Reports

yeah my maximum is 1080 so I could not even test larger screen resolutions xD HDMI should not be an issue because I am using HDMI and 1080p :)

soooo might be this game is not 4k ready xD

Replied to pyrawoods in Bug Reports
(Edited 1 time)

hang on YOU have to try that, I do not have your initial issue :/

edit: I just noticed that for me the game defaults to a strange resolution that is not actually the case, so when I do reset or apply without changing that, it jumps to get BIGGER than before, so then I could not fix it IF I had a smaller screen ^^

Sooo double checking the resolution and force setting fullscreen -> window -> fullscreen might refresh the GUI to fix it for you

Posted in Bug Reports

ok let's try a different approach:

  1. delete the settings file
  2. enter graphics settings
  3. check the slider "resolution scale" - is it to the far right and says 100% ? if not, drag it to the left and then the right again
  4. double check that the "Resolution" makes sense for your screen
  5. select window mode
  6. select fullscreen mode
  7. click "accept"

fingers crossed!

apart from that, if you played the version that never saved weapons anyway, you will not be able to play properly with this save game, the logic has been changed to account for 1) the heat state of weapons and weapon parts and 2) weapons staying together on loading - so there have been some big changes that would not have worked as import from old save files - soooryyyyyyyy

But the new version features a ton of bug fixes, please grab the latest version, 713, just released :)

1) did you place THREE ingots on the anvil?
2) did you HOLD Z to select the "blunt" head type?

And make sure you are using the hotfix that has been released 1-2 hours ago, it fixed a bunch of issues :)

oh man yeah I got so used to dragging around tons of grips that I never even thought about asking for that xD

* order
* drag inside
* destroy
* drag, drag, drag, drag .... xD

Replied to gunjamed in Bug Reports

then you will love the hotfix released an hour ago, it aims to fix the customers avoiding our shops :O

  1. update the game to the version just released an hour ago :D (not necessary for your bug but still ;) )
  2. put at least two ingots on the anvil
  3. hold Z to get the selection menu
  4. hover your mouse over "blunts"
  5. release Z
  6. smack the anvil

So the selection of anvil type has been changed to the way I described, you will get the hang of it soon :)

Posted in NEW UPDATE

Download the update that just got released an hour ago, it is a hotfix :)

To fix your graphic settings, hit escape, and go to graphics, click reset, and THEN select a screen resolution that makes sense :)

* hit ESC
* click graphics
* click reset
* close


I just noticed this seems to happen if you

* load a game

* sleep


does your shop door say "shop open" ? if not, click that sign!

about the no-customers: does your shop door say "shop open" ? if not, click that sign!

Replied to Mciiubi in Bug Reports

try clicking "reset" in the graphics menu and try setting your gamma to 0.20 :)

you will love 0.0.73 :)

1) was fixed, definitely!

2) is new to me, I never tried to reset more than once :D

3) yeah dasius said that this is a veeeery minor change

4) this was fixed in #73

5) yeah this has been fixed somewhat around #72 - my way of fixing it once for all was:

* enter game, fix graphics settings

* ender sandbox, fix graphics settings

* enter shop mode, fix graphics settings

Since then everything was settled :)

Posted in data reset

Yeah I suggest starting a new game. The whole issue with the heated blades/disassembling weapons required dasius to change how saving/loading works - and another issue about money (weapons not properly getting you the money you invested) also was caused by an issue that got fixed with this reset <3

Replied to zayzay in logging in

did you find it yet? (hint: it has been released :D )

Hi! Try deleting your Settings.sav file located here:


(of course replace "YourUserName" with your Windows login). Hope this helps!

Replied to Pvt.Tabby in Bug Reports

are you sure that you are on version 0.0.72 ? This has been fixed as far as I know :)

Posted in one hand hammer

double check that all ingots are aligned properly, sometimes they do not snap 100% :)

(Edited 1 time)

is your shop open? Check the sign at your front door, does it say "shop open" ? if not, click that sign :P

if you have just started playing 0.0.72 - the dev JUST updated the game and you are playing the new version with raised curve.

I would agree it feels a bit slow right now, maybe he adds things soon? He mentioned something about this being a preparation for something bigger. but all it does is only allow me to get copper stuff now xD

Charisma, as I have seen it, seems to raise the sell price by one dollar per level, or maybe 10% of the ingot price? I did not make it to tin yet, so you know better than I do.

If it stays at 8$ for a tin ingot, this is really not how it should be, it should be a thing that is still relevant for higher ingot tiers. everything below 10 is insignificant as soon as you up the tiers

(Edited 2 times)

I agree on the ingot price, but in what kind of companies have you been working?

200% profit? Wow, please tell me your companies name so I don't buy there :P

Edit: well comparing it to my company is unfair because we charge for work time, too, so we would add that, but that would not result in a general 200% profit, this is crazy. MAYBE for small items below 100 bucks that makes sense, i.e. account for your work time as a minimum of 100 bucks, and energy (the coal ;) ) but not for a 100,000 dollar ingot resulting in 200,000 profit, this is out of proportion

Replied to ayrios in Bug Reports

this would be perfect, because going safe by SHOWING it would remove the necessity of opening up the Z menu - for me it is bugged after one ingame day of playing, btw :P the curser is not always showing. At the beginning it was always visible and starting from the "menu" middle, very very good if that was always the case.

Could it be because I am playing in window mode and I am doing other things (and not quitting the game so I don't have to cool down shit all the time :P )

darkness has always been buggy, adjust the gamma setting in the graphics menu, this needs to be done in the shop AND in the sandbox, that fixed it for me!

Posted in crafting

so fix: put TWO ingots on the anvil then press Z

Posted in crafting

you can select when you have stuff on the anvil! It just does not show you that you did, just click what you want [if you only have one ingot you can not select blunt because blunt needs 2 ingots!]