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okay, that's fair ^^

Hey there :)
I am glad that you are still around. Why don't you join  the discord server?

It seems like development will continue soon, so stay with us :)

I think I agree with the game getting fast real quick, especially if your PC has issues handling this - I am hoping the current difficulty will be considered HARD if we get to choose, and I would prefer it being a bit easier - less increase in customer time reducing, slightly lower gaps between the materials, or maybe even allowing to mine Tin with Copper, possibly with really bad gain like ... max 1-2 yield per vein...

However I understand that balancing this is immensely hard without offering a difficulty, because you will always have people bickering about it either being too easy or too hard xD

what xD how did you make it say "adelite" it only ever says "steel" for me :D

Hmm yeah it might be random on load or always X on load and always Y on assigning it?

About the pathing, yeah this is so tough so debug because the NPCs are literally random and the customer NPC is also very hard to predict, and impossible to time together with the NPCs as both spawnings are out of your control...

I guess dasius has to figure this out by debug spawning ^^

Well, steel - adelite is the same :P

and the NPC flying thing is known, I guess... blame the physics :)

Can you give a bit more information (screenshot?) with customers that have issues entering or leaving? I literally filled the path and the entrance with logs, crates and a greatsword, they just run through it :/ in and out works fine

Okay, I am so confused as to where to reply now, this thread is really really hard to navigate, so I will do it here :P

We added all your bugs to our bug list - some are known, some contain more insight due to your testing, some are new :)

Thanks again for your detailed descriptions and your time invested. We really appreciate it!

To be honest the fact that they still request copper and then only take copper is a game breaker for me ^^ it is stressful enough to get your stuff done, but then doing the management for all materials you have? I will wait for a fix xD

You're welcome! I was sure that all that is saved is additional, because the trees will regrow, so they have to be "loaded" without pre-existing status. Otherwise our old savegames would not have had any trees, too xD

Glad that it worked. I hope to remember to add this to my fixer ;)

I agree with you that the requests for "lower than your hammer" tier are bad BECAUSE they do not accept "better" material --- it really requires you to have all heads of all materials at day 15 or you will not make it and, as you said, you will lose progress traction because you have to invest way more money into things that might never be requested again.

However, being prepared yields up to 20 customers a day so ... if you keep up with it, I'd say, you still are able to advance the fastest and maybe even faster than fast people that prepare on the fly.

Yeah I found this game through jack :) and since then I love it xD

(1 edit)

Sadly I am working with a hex editor before applying this to code logic - so this is what I basically do:

I look for text, literally, for the ores, it was "Ore" (caps matter) and when I find a mesh definition that looks something like


I replace the first slash with a hex 0x00 which is a string-end-marker code wise, so the game tries to access the mesh for "" which does not exist and, I assume and hope, it will skip determination and not load the item because it cannot find a mesh to display it.

I am fairly certain that this works for small use cases, and if you want to do the same, it MIGHT be doable to simply change letters in the mesh definition "MyAsset" -> "MyBsset" - if you do not use a hex editor, good luck xD and make sure you do not add or remove any characters [the total count of where you edit has to be the same!!] because the way the savegame works is that it has indicators all over the place "how long" the following text and other content is planned to be - so if you add or remove characters the savegame will probably fail to load :D

If you have issues implementing this, just hit me up and I can add "remove all logs and wood" to my fixer :)

(1 edit)

holy crap you havebeen active - man ... I lost track of what you found out yourself, but I hope dasius is on the things that are buggy and actually, I think most of the things you said are known bugs :)

About "people requesting copper" - try making a tin one hand hammer for yourself and equip it, then people will start asking for tin :)

(1 edit)

You should be able to open the crate again by clicking it (maybe twice)

And about your view being messed up / you being in the ground, you can try my fixer, its latest version has a location/rotation fix for the player.

It does do a backup of the save file so you should be good to go - I hope you did a backup or did not remove your save game yet :O

2) Can you maybe close its lid? I think the physics is only disabled if you close the crate ^^
And the guards you had are spawned in by default, they did not originate from your purchase

5-6) I feel those are closely related, something about the horse and exiting it on a slope does mess up your character view (which only seems to affect the P-character sheet menu as of now, and some collision checks)

If your character is messed up, you can use my fixer, the latest version supports resetting the player position / rotation, which does fix this issue - not the horse waggon though if it is going nuts - if people ask for it I might be able to hack this in this week

The program will do backups of your save, but to be sure you can also backup your save file - good luck!

in 0.0.82, the crates have lids so instead of a backpack you can now actually safely use crates - close them - carry and throw them around and keep your stuff :)

Guess what has been changed in 0.0.82 :D

You're spot on, exactly >because< it always respawned at the same time it now will not - because the game did not SAVE the location, it simply always spawned them in on its own - on the new version, it tries to load the last known position, but it has not been saved in 0.0.81 sooo it does not work :O

So when you start a game, the new default game will ONCE spawn them in and THEN SAVE them, so they will not disappear again --

However I had it happen to me that the dark crystal was pushed in a wall by me and then it was gone :P

* Escape to enter the menu
* Graphics
* Hit "Lowest" in the "Shader" row
* Scroll down
* Hit "BACK"


reduce the shaders setting to lowest - shades are evil ^^

these instructions are outdated, you can or maybe actually have to hit what you are disassembling :)

if you are asking whether you donating via patreon does give you ingame benefits, the answer is no.

If you are asking whether "patron" customers give different money, I do not think so.

The names are just to give credit to the patrons, and their class (Miner, Berserker, etc) is to indicate what kind of weapon they want, but they all give money based on the items you use and your speed and stats -

* investing skill points in Charisma will get more money
* using fancy grips will get more money
* using bigger heads where possible (pole arm can have large heads! one hand hammer can have large hammer head!)

(1 edit)

What is you issue? Does it crash? When does it crash? Have you tried removing the settings file?

Try redownloading it - if that does not fix it, can you do the following please:

run the command "cmd" to open the command prompt [you can open the RUN dialog with WIN+R]

then type java -version and hit enter

Does it say something like "(build 1.8.0_....) in the first line? if not, I recommend you update your java to Java 8 - if you cannot do this, please report back, I will export it for java 7 then - please make sure that you have at least java 7 running though (1.7.0)

join the discord server, someone linked a low res config file :) I don't have the link at hand otherwise I'd give it to you :O

Link to the discord server is here:

lower the shader settings ^^

Yeah the horse definitely has room for improvement, it is not the safest way of transporting :)

You can pick up the crate safer when crouching - try uncrouching, sometimes you can then go full speed - you are almost the same speed when crouching, and you don't shake the box as much.

Happy mining :)

There should be something that looks like text but it is a link saying "more information"

Then you can get the game to run :)

yeah at the moment, the shadows are evil - setting the shadows to low fixes the issues and I can play properly :) everything else is on epic :D

I am able to craft two 3-ingot heads before they cool down. It is a bit challenging at first, but you will get used to it :)

I actually hit the bellows button shortly before the customer arrives, so then the ingots are hot when I know what to do, this works out well ;)

1) place ingots on anvil

2) hold Z

3) select type

4) click or let go of Z

It has to be in this order. YOu cannot select anything without ingots on the anvil, you need to HOLD z to be able to select

Try removing your settings:

Save Game Files can be found:


Did you place >two< ingots on the anvil and hit Z to select "BLUNT" ? :)

If you use the app it will automatically update, I think - if not, you need to check the downloads every once in a while and re-download the game :)

download the latest version of the game, it has been fixed yesterday :)