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what xD how did you make it say "adelite" it only ever says "steel" for me :D

Hmm yeah it might be random on load or always X on load and always Y on assigning it?

About the pathing, yeah this is so tough so debug because the NPCs are literally random and the customer NPC is also very hard to predict, and impossible to time together with the NPCs as both spawnings are out of your control...

I guess dasius has to figure this out by debug spawning ^^

Yea its just going to have to fall to Dasius for it - Previously mentioned box/log by door doesn't actually work, was just false logic, I just got lucky and hadn't had it happen to me since putting it there

Watched this one spawn in center of road, He spawned like.. maybe.. 5 seconds? before another NPC spawned, I thought "Nah he'll be fine, he's faster and spawned first."

Strafed like a mad man from center

to my right, center, left, center, left again and then "plop", walked right into place at the door

Looks like its about time for me to put old yeller here down though, So If'n you'll excuse me.