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How to install quick fix

A topic by The_Batmoose13 created Jul 21, 2017 Views: 307 Replies: 3
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I cant figure out how to get the quick fix for ore duplication and pickaxe despawn, how do i get it to work

I tried using :  right click > open with > Java (TM) Platform Binary, but it doesnt do anything.  Ive tried restarting afterward, doing it with the game running, and whatever else I can think of, but it doesnt work for me either.

Ive also tried not running it as admin, but that of course had no affect.

Try redownloading it - if that does not fix it, can you do the following please:

run the command "cmd" to open the command prompt [you can open the RUN dialog with WIN+R]

then type java -version and hit enter

Does it say something like "(build 1.8.0_....) in the first line? if not, I recommend you update your java to Java 8 - if you cannot do this, please report back, I will export it for java 7 then - please make sure that you have at least java 7 running though (1.7.0)