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A topic by Arcorior created Sep 19, 2017 Views: 638 Replies: 13
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Yes, it was a sad day when you posted that development for MLBS had to come to a stop. We get it. But, there are a few of us in the discord who are all more than happy to try to continue with development on our own, with either very little or no work at all required from you. Our potential team isn't all that massive, but we have enough people to get some things done. We don't plan on requiring a salary of any sort. Through this post, we were hoping to get a reply to our idea about essentially taking over, as well as hopefully attract some more people to our project that are committed to the game and want to see it flourish. 

Best regards,

A small yet hopeful team of MLBS members.

We Will Make a List of users/people who are willing to help out! List will be added pretty soon and updated once a day :D


Hey Arcorior, 

I'll think about it. Albeit the game is meant for everyone to enjoy and I hate having to end that but at the same time, it is a project I was hoping to help further my career as a hopeful game developer. 

Email me your plan on how you guys want to make this work.  If it benefits everyone then I'll definitely consider it. 

Thanx guys!

Why was development cancelled? And if you do get the rights to the game, will it still be on this site?

We're still working out some plans, but I believe we will still remain here.


Dasius is Very Very Busy with his RL ATM. Plus the game had to be given alot of time, efforts and Money. So the Development has been cancelled for now. However, A Small Team of People wish to Help out Dasius and Make the Game Rise again and are ready to help out for free. Most Probably the game will remain on this site and others wherever it was originally published, And We hope to Present the Players with more upcoming and exiting updates ;D 

I hope something is worked out and the game is able to grow some more.


oh wow days ago. I been checking here every day and only just barely noticed there was a post above the update 82 post - I dunno how I managed to miss the "New" by thread and thread itself for here. It'll prob remain bookmarked for some time but I guess I'll stop checking in day to day (not that it helped apparently.)

Sadly As I've mentioned before when theorizing about code - I know jack-diddly but my instinct/expectation, and have... rather little confidence in any ability to help.

MLBS certainly tickled my fancy...

Hey there :)
I am glad that you are still around. Why don't you join  the discord server?

It seems like development will continue soon, so stay with us :)

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Welllll.... I don't have Discord(s).

I don't really use much of any of those except for potential "dummy" accounts because of some sites crippling themselves and being 100% dependent on one or the other.

edit - Like I don't think I even have Trello still. I barely had - and that was purely because seemed to have a lot of indie early development, and One particular game tickled my fancy and urged me to, for once, actually mention bugs

okay, that's fair ^^

Welp, You are missing the whole fun and revival discussions talks on discord mate... Hope you change ur mind and come on pretty soon!

can you tell me whats the link or send it to me?

to the discord? should be on the game's.... front page? home page? whatever calls it.