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A member registered Jul 27, 2017

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I donated 2 years ago, I thought we got a key.

Where and when do I get a steam key?

no weapons, a few grips and guards. Maybe 20 to 30 Ingots mostly tin.

After the recent update (0.1.1 update 1) alot of the game breaking stuff is gone but now, the list of customers and what they bought and how much they paid is bugged, It just says 0 copper on everything. and Iv made 3 new games and they run great until I start smelting tin. After loading a saved game that I recently reached tin smelting the frames dive down to mid 20s and iv seen the fps counter flash at 11 fps and I normally run smooth on  highest settings. starting a new game makes it run great again.

Is there a way to get an older version of MLBSS? 0.1.1 is wa to broken an always ends in my saved games crashing after a few loads.

nevermind. after another restart they are all good. But some things duped and now my save wont load.

All the nodes are gray and give 12 stone and nothing more. Sometimes if i sleep till the next day they disappear. I tried Saving quitting and restarting but still just stone nodes. This is 0.1.1

I think that anything left in the mine disappears when you walk out since it loads the outside area upon walking out I think. The box was probably reset back to your house and the ore is just gone.

I hope something is worked out and the game is able to grow some more.

Iv seen it. It was late at night almost morning and I was going to the mine and it was a ghost floating in the meadow and he goes away when you get close.

Dunno how many are in my game but I tried once to pick it up after reading that you could and it was stuck as soon as I grabbed it and my fps dropped to unplayable. now I dont touch lol

Anyone know how to get rid of the screen flicker when you look at a object that can be picked up? I can produce a video if not sure what I mean. Also I run a mix of low/Medium settings to get a good frame rate.

dunno if hardware is an issue but I am running

Intel i5 4440 CPU

Sapphire Nittro R9 390 8 gb

32 gb Ram

windows 10

Is'nt the game at 0.0.82?

Very true, and that is very admirable of you. Keep up the good work, love the game so far can't wait to see whats is 0.0.83 :)

Should pay the $100 Steam Direct fee and get this gem on Steam asap!

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This worked, thank you. But my front door would'nt open till I saved and reloaded after the fix. no biggie

Is there a hotfix for the character sheet yet?  Or is it broken till the next update?