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A member registered May 29, 2017

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Posted in Development.

Why was development cancelled? And if you do get the rights to the game, will it still be on this site?

Will it really be released at the end of July? Where did you hear that?

When is this game gonna be complete? I heard a rumor that is was gonna be completed by the end of july

Created a new topic My lets play of this game

I know a lot of people post their videos of them playing this game but I just wanted to show my love for this game, 

Posted in Suggestion Box

It gets kinda annoying whenever I look at my ingot shelf and see they're all strewn about, maybe you can have them snap neatly into place like they do on the anvil? And stackable as well, should make for a easy and neat storage

Posted in Suggestion Box

Its really foggy, to the point where it gets annoying and its like that everyday in game, at first I thought itw was just my graphic settings so I messed around with those but it wasn't, maybe you can tone down on the fog?

Posted in How to update?

Yeah I checked I downloaded via Browser, I don't have any issue with redownloading it though, thanks for replying so fast!

Wait really? That soon?! I cant wait!

Created a new topic How to update?

Does the game update automatically or do I have to download it again?

I fucking love this, this is almost exactly what I wanted and looking for, a visual novel combined with exploration elements and open world. I cannot WAIT for updates

Posted in Suggestion Box

Been making a lot of suggestions but I just love this game

It seems to easy when making metal, because you can preheat the metal, to add a bit more difficulty you could perhaps make it so that the ingots could melt if left alone in the heat for to long, if thats how they work in real life, I assumed you studied up on forging when you made this game. The game seems to easy and some difficulty would be really cool. Just a though :)

Replied to Dasius in Suggestion Box

Sweet! Its always cool seeing develepors that reply to  other players

Posted in Suggestion Box

Something that would be cool is to add the ability to create armor, that oughta open up a whole new slew of things to do in this game

Posted in Suggestion Box

Seeing as you are going for an MMORPG stylish game where you play as an NPC it would be cool if you could hire and send out quest to "Players" to get stuff for you, like ores or materials and in return you have to give them a reward like a free weapon, and its timed so you have to make it before they get back from the quest. 

During sandbox mode I noticed you wanted to add mining, while it may contradict with my first suggestion it think its a great idea to add. You should make it so you can change tools to a pickaxe for mining with a hammer sounds rather silly.

Another thing which you may do later on, is to add more variations for daggers, great blades, hammers and just over all stuff. 

And lastly, which once again you may do, It gets boring waiting for more "Players" you should REALLY up the frequency that they spawn as the days increase.

I've been waiting AGES for a game like this and I am SO happy a game like it came out. I will do anything I can to support this game.