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No ETA as of yet. but stay tuned! It might be here anytime soon :D 

You gotta pledge the $10 or more to get your name in the game to an NPC. This price may (most likely) increase in the future as the game continues to be developed

your specifications are way above recommended which means your game should run without a hitch. But for the problem you describe it may have been a odd bug from 0.0.82 that got carried over to 0.0.9 with your save file. Try starting up a new game because it starts a whole fresh game removing all fixed bugs. If the problem still persists please let us know your experience on a few other games aswell.

As of now, we don`t have any info about the release of the next update v0.1.0 (or just v0.1) it all depends on how much content is to be added and the bugs faced during the testing. When the game is tested enough that its playable with its main functions are working properly and only a few minor bugs left... then it will make an appearance for the public because we don`t others to play an Unplayable Version of the game and hence we try our best to resolve bugs and polish the game before releasing it to the public. However Patrons are regularly given a testing version where the dev team slowly adds new features and fix bugs as they go with their suggestions.

The Horse is temporarily removed from v0.0.9 and will return in a future update (not in 0.0.9 builds). And please don`t try to use 0.0.82 savefile to get the horse since it causes ALOT OF BUGS! So hopefully the horsiee will make a return xD

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Hmm... Interesting, these dll errors are pretty rare. But it is related with 'audio'. These dll's you've named are related with directx so I'd recommend messing with directx first πŸ˜‰

Try a couple stuff:

1) Install/Re-install DirectX Runtime Program.

2) Check for your latest drivers for your sound card

3) Reinstall the game.

Also it'd be good if you provided us with your system specifications. 

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Welp, just to raise some hopes for y'all. Some of the volunteer devs do have a Mac, but, there is alot of paperwork (paperwork i.e Terms,Agreements,Policies n Financial Stuff) so once Dasius sorts that out we'll start working on a Mac build πŸ˜‰ 

However a Mac build will take a while but, just as Kurzidan said, you could get a Windows PC (Desktop) for a cheap amount these days with some decent specifications. So if u have the money and don't wanna wait till a Mac build comes out, feel free to get a PC.

(We've actually tested the game on Mac aswell and the results were pretty acceptable frame-wise. But getting legal stuff done is priority, till then more optimization can be done.)

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Huh, even better

Can you please take a screenshot of the email message if it appears when the game closes. And can you please share us your system specifications for further troubleshooting.

For Patrons:

Thiss Feature is temporarily removed from the 0.0.9 version

For The Free Version:

In the 0.0.82 version.... Once you forge a weapon (Blade, Blunt, Dagger Head etc...) Hold Ctrl, Shift and Right Click to open the minigame and left click to stop the pointer ;D however *THIS DOESN'T INCREASES THE SELLING PRICE OF THE ITEM IN ANY WAY*

Welp, You are missing the whole fun and revival discussions talks on discord mate... Hope you change ur mind and come on pretty soon!

Dasius is Very Very Busy with his RL ATM. Plus the game had to be given alot of time, efforts and Money. So the Development has been cancelled for now. However, A Small Team of People wish to Help out Dasius and Make the Game Rise again and are ready to help out for free. Most Probably the game will remain on this site and others wherever it was originally published, And We hope to Present the Players with more upcoming and exiting updates ;D 

We Will Make a List of users/people who are willing to help out! List will be added pretty soon and updated once a day :D

Hi Kalstar, Unfortunately, The Developer presently doesn't have a Mac in order to release it on the platform. The game is currently available only on Windows. The game in future will most probably be out for both Linux and Mac. So hope you understand and cooperate. The community did received alot of requests for the game to be available on Mac. Linux will most likely be out in a future update but you got to be patient for Mac Version.

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Firstly, Can you access the game after the main menu? And can u Press Escape and go to any of the options?

Try to provide a little more details about the issue.

Try the following methods :

1) Disable and Re-Enable your Mouse from your PC and restart your PC

2) Try creating a new game if can't do in-game then delete your current save file from:

C:\Users\(User Name)\AppData\Local\ShopSim\SaveGames

3) Try Re-installing the Game.

(The Second Method should Most probably work and is the best fix)

I totally agree with your points. The current difficulty sure feels like 'Hard' rather than 'Normal' since the customers just rush. On day 22+ I guess the waiting time is only 40seconds and evolving from copper to Tin is the most hardest part in the entire game since you earn so damn less profit. Even a Fancy Polearm with A Greatsword gives you nothing. And the Quality thing (Shift+LMB) doesn't do anything for the price. It's basically useful for us to equipt eg: A Copper Pickaxe With 30 quality might mine Twice as faster (my assumption) but for now the quality doesn't even effect the price I think It'll be implemented in a future update tho. Although Mining Tin with a copper pickaxe or any type of pickaxe mining a level further feels too easy. I'd say instead on 'Normal' and 'Easy' Mode the waiting time of the customers and Price of Ingots should be reduced.

Well those are just my thoughts tho.

Well Dasius can take some Ideas from RuneScape the best MMORPG Imo. The blacksmithing Experience is also sick! And realistically you can use any sort of pickaxe to mine a bit higher level metals but you could only get a few depending on the level and then pickaxe will either brake or your player run out of steam :P Well I'm a old RuneScape Player and have lots of experience to help out the devs with some amazing ideas! And about the RAM... I have 8 Gigs of RAM and the game rarely takes like 25% of the memory :P

"Mad Strafe Disease NPC" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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Thats odd. The rain shouldn't Rain inside the house. 

Try any of the following methods:

1) Turn off Rain FX under Options and Restart the game

2) If No.1 doesn't works then backup your save file and reinstall the game

Your Save File is located in:

C:\Users\(Your Name)\AppData\Local\Shopsim\SaveGames\

There are 2 files, one is the settings and the other is the save data. Copy both of them.

3) Try making a new game... Starting a New Game most probably fixes all the bugs but loses your data. I had a couple of bugs too but when I started new game they all fixed ;D

Well. I can't even sell one single assembled item after 5 minutes (in the same session) this time I kept 2 assembled items on the counter... Customer asked for one hand sword and I had 2 of em ready ( one on counter and other on a shelf) he didn't took the counter one even though I swiped his throat with it lol and then tried to give him the shelf one didn't worked either then I went out disassembled and reassembled and then he took (all this stuff happened in same session I didn't even went AFK). However now I'm just keeping the tool heads near my Assembling Counter and whenever a customer wants it I just quickly assemble them and done ;D 

And BTW I had no idea there was 'Steel' tools in the game before you mentioned them. I mean what we see is just Copper<Tin<Iron<Adelite<Mithril<Adamantine<Titanium O well maybe a mix of certain metals lmao. However I am working on a To-Do list for the community and devs. So if a moderator makes it sticky then we can take others reviews and edit it.

And yes I totally get the point of the last 2 posts ;D

I've seen your tips and I've tried most of em already before your post ;D but unless and until I don't have a freaking tin hammer I can't sell tin. And need to have least $1.5k in order to get 3 tin ingots and make a Pickaxe for me to mine some tin... Plus from day 18 onwards customer rush like anything and I'm on a Laptop. It's freaking difficult to do anything! By the time I forge the item I don't even get the chance to bring it inside (sometime can't even cool it) and boom they are gone. And it's kinda difficult to pre-make all the weapons and keep in front . I don't know if it happens only to me but when I already have a weapon made but then a customer wants same weapon, when I give it to them they don't even take it! Then I gotta go all the way to anvil and remove the blade/blunt/axe/dagger head and rejoin it to sell. WTF? Yes, I know the game is in Alpha but this error happens to a very people like me... Others can easily sell pre-made weapons/tools. Thanks and also I'm looking forward to be a genuine / Daily Tester for the game. Sending Feedback/Bugs/Errors/Experience/etc... Can't wait to see the next Alpha ;D

Finally, I've gotten a better PC that can easily handle MLBSS. Now, Upgrading to Tin seems freaking impossible! I mean you need $500 to get 1 tin and you need $1500 to get a Pickaxe and start mining more! And of course the customers won't buy Tim stuff until you have Time hammer! And you barely make around 5-10 dollar profit on a weapon! Even though I always mine copper and not buy it. Still the profit so freaking low! I have Charisma on level 5 and it gives me $1.2 .... It sucks so badly and plus your customers want weapons in 50 or 60 seconds! That's insane! There are players on laptop who can't control the game as desktop users . At least the waiting time for the customers should me more. I barely got 720 dollars in 26 days! There's no way you could Progress with a laptop... Please decrease the prices of the materials or Please let customers buy Any Material Weapon they want. Because at least if you have 1 Tin you can make more than 50 dollars profit easily... Just like previous alpha. The game just is too insane with the current situation.

Can you send the picture of an error that occured? Make sure you have Directx Runtime Installed, Microsoft DotNet 3 and 3.5 and Microsoft VC++ 2015 x32bit installed too. If error still occurs... Please share your PC specifications.

Is there any possibility that in future, this game will also be played with keys along with VR? VR sure is amazing but not many people can afford it. So I'd like to see if the game comes out to be played with Keys n Mouse ;D However amazing job on the Demo

Well, I tried both A and B on the x64 version before you even posted ;D but unfortunately both didn't worked. Then I used my Cousins laptop and used the exact same x64 file which I used earlier and it worked. Turns out to be not working only on my system. Anyway, I found a way to play now (laggy yet least playable) Hopefully will get a better Rig later this month ;D thanks alot Kurzidan For helping me out in my whole situation. Your help really did a great job and i finally got to play the game with that savefile. So if anyone having same problems like me...

Follow the steps:

1) Try using another PC with better graphics (might take it from any friend or relative or anyone else) start the game, set the graphics lowest possible and get the savefile or ask anyone who already have the game to upload a savefile with lowest graphics possible.

2) Now Put the savefile in "C:\Users\(Your Name)\AppData\Local\ShopSim\SaveGames"

*Create the folder if it doesn't exists*

3) Try using the x32 version of the game rather than x64 and launch game as an Administrator.

4) The game must be working now. If it still is laggy then change Graphics>Resolution to 50% and Options>Rain FX - Off

5) That must be it. Enjoy the game ;D

Update: I thought it might be a problem in the files so I used the x32 bit (x86) version of the game on my x64bit OS. It works without any flashes nothing just perfectly fine. Only downfall is that I have to keep everything low to play it on a nice FPS. Fortuantely getting a new Desktop very soon

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Alright. Tried your save file. The game finally opened and worked! But it's flashes everywhere. I mean wherever I look it's only white light. I can't view the shop mode at all. And only the sandbox mode is barely visible I can see the horse and the wagon easily but when I look towards all the other stuff at the back it's all bright flash light as if you are directly seeing the sun... Any idea about what's going on? And a solution of course

and the light / flash is coming from objects and wooden materials. I can see the trees, grass, horse easily but because I spawn inside the house I can't see anything in the shop mode

Alright! Downloaded the file. Thanks alot Kurzidan, You can take the file down now and currently I'm very sleepy and I can't try it ATM. I will try the file tomorrow morning (10 hours from now)

i Updated the Runtime and other stuff before making the blank file and after I tried opening with the blank file my Previous reply says it all. I tried to delete the file and run it fresh and it didn't crashed once again... My Max Resolution 1366x720 I guess but I'd like you to go give me resolution of 800x600 (windowed) just to successfully open the file with all settings on Low or off. Thanks alot! It'll help me ;D

Okay, I tried your solution... Well the error was gone but i went in a black screen which wasn`t responding at all. I couldn`t use any commands so i went for the control panel trick (Alt Ctrl Del) and suddenly i went into a grey screen then it was unresponsive forever :P i had to force-shutdown my PC and the SAV file is just as it is no new files nothing. I`d love if someone just create a new game and set on lowest possible quality and send me the files please. I want to play MLBS for a long time now... and yes, i needed a runtime 3.5 and 4.0 update which i did today... 

My PC Specs:

Ram: 4GB

OS: Windows 10 Pro

Storage: 500GB HDD

Hello There, I`ve been trying to play My Little Blacksmith shop for about 2 days now... It brings me to the Main Menu screen, When i choose the difficulty the game goes full screen for a second and shows the loading icon rotating and freezing for a second. And then suddenly my Graphics Drivers crash for a second (but they don`t do anything to the resolution or sth) and then game closes. I followed this thread and tried to find the settings. When i go in C:>Users>(my PC Name)>AppData>Local>ShopSim>Saved it shows up only config and logs. even all the files in config are about 1kb (empty) so can someone send me the lowest graphics possible saved file please? My PC can run other graphical games such as TS4, COD Series, GTA IV etc... 

P.S: The above info was from x64 version of the game. However since i have 2 OS a x86 and x64. I tried the x86 version on the 32bit OS and it showed some different error but again no save file.