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I think I agree with the game getting fast real quick, especially if your PC has issues handling this - I am hoping the current difficulty will be considered HARD if we get to choose, and I would prefer it being a bit easier - less increase in customer time reducing, slightly lower gaps between the materials, or maybe even allowing to mine Tin with Copper, possibly with really bad gain like ... max 1-2 yield per vein...

However I understand that balancing this is immensely hard without offering a difficulty, because you will always have people bickering about it either being too easy or too hard xD

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I'm confused. I have mined both tin and copper just fine.

I totally agree with your points. The current difficulty sure feels like 'Hard' rather than 'Normal' since the customers just rush. On day 22+ I guess the waiting time is only 40seconds and evolving from copper to Tin is the most hardest part in the entire game since you earn so damn less profit. Even a Fancy Polearm with A Greatsword gives you nothing. And the Quality thing (Shift+LMB) doesn't do anything for the price. It's basically useful for us to equipt eg: A Copper Pickaxe With 30 quality might mine Twice as faster (my assumption) but for now the quality doesn't even effect the price I think It'll be implemented in a future update tho. Although Mining Tin with a copper pickaxe or any type of pickaxe mining a level further feels too easy. I'd say instead on 'Normal' and 'Easy' Mode the waiting time of the customers and Price of Ingots should be reduced.

Well those are just my thoughts tho.

the logic of "higher tier" mining would/should be.

Number of hits to produce an item.

It takes only 1 hit on level to produce an ore (stone or actual ore)

Up 1 level would take say.... 12 hits? Nah, we'll go with a flat 10

That way - every single stone/ore would take the same amount of time as mining an entire vein - which would be a serious time sink if you got a vein that was /all stone/ - I've got plenty of veins that I lucked out on and got nothing but stone, as it is now.

Additionally. You could really balance the "risk/reward" by making it a 25-50% chance to produce an item after the 10th strike.

Meaning for 9 hits  - it'll remain 100% (or it'll drop 1% each time) and when it finally reaches "90%" like it normally would've on tier in 1 strike

It rolls to see if an item drops.

meaning you could go through 100strikes - and only produce 2 stone and 1 ore - or something like that.

And it'd take practically the entire mining trip. Certainly wouldn't be making much money.

Additionally, in the next update - Tax is planned (you already see the notice on your board in the bed-room)

Which will also discourage random wasteful mining ops that turn over little reward. (like spending a week trying to mine tin right from the start)

Introducing this though, will also make Alloys more versatile. (tier up mining/additional hits and missing, etc)

I mean, there isn't going to be a bronze that you mine.

But Bronze, and other alloys, will likely appear - If Bronze can't straight up mine the next metal level up - then this is the perfect alternative

and it will simply double the chance, or halve the number of strikes. (or both) - Bronze would likely end up being between Iron and Copper/tin - so it'd be 5-10 strikes per ore at 50-100% (or maybe 99.9%) chance. (on Iron)

where as Tin (if it even still remained as a tool-series) would be 10 strikes per ore at 25-50% chance (on Iron)

and /MAYBE/ we could say x quality, would also reduce the miss-rate or decrease the number of strikes required (probably would say miss rate, and every... 30-100 control (30 is pretty high I think, 100 would be unthinkable early on) (control is one of the various quality stats) the chance increases by 1-10% (I dunno a real fair number here -and maybe say 30 gives ... I dunno, 3 % (so it'd really be "10 gives 1%, but you need 30 to start getting it) and then 33 (getting 30quality after the first quality check raises stats by 3 or so) 3.3% chance increase (to make every quality increase count)

so on. so forth.

and if you wanted to be really broken/sadistic you could say up two levels would be ONE HUNDRED STRIKES!... per chance - and the chance would be a pitiful 12.5-25% (lean towards low since it'd be more sadistic and more balanced)

You'd probably pass out before getting an ore from Iron with copper - since the chance would so low. - and that's /if/ Durability isn't introduced, and if a copper pick wouldn't break before you got an ore too - Which would be enhanced by quality, upgrades to the forge, etc (Someone has previously suggested the oil bucket going back to being a water bucket, and oil bucket being an upgrade you'd purchase, as well as faster smelter and forge and etc. - They also mentioned Water cooling is weaker and oil cooling helps improve durability or something like that. - and Dasius did respond to that specific post acknowledging that specific point (and not having previously known about it)

and (if) any other mining above tiers were allowed

1000 at 6.25%-12.5%

10000 (absolutely copper wouldn't last this long, and neither would most without durability buffs out the wazoo) (with abysmal chance of impossible)