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You've already seen this on the discord, but I wanted to post it here since it makes sense.

I beat this game the best way I know how, by BSing the whole thing, I'm not even sure what I did but I beat it, this picture seems to be the best proof I can give since the end screen is the same either way.

The only thing scary in this game is the amount of taxes and ads you get per day!


Looks like there might be a compatible play style for me yet.

That fourth one almost sounds like something intend, like she takes pity on you and acts like she doesn't see you, much like how a kid thinks they got a great hiding spot, but it's just too obvious to everyone else.

This seems to be an intentional change by the dev, it was stated in the update information.
"AI not acting glitchy near desks instead stops and wait for player to make move."

Different stalkers would be if they had their own personalities, such as a more calculated one that either is better at cutting off the player by putting herself around the corner or just using cameras in some way (could count every time the player is spotted by a camera or is caught and just snap the player's neck once getting to five, for that extra bit of "she is just playing with you"), one that is less aggressive, is really good at getting behind the player but is very deadly if the player makes eye contact and maybe one that is more direct but is less likely to check lockers or other things that would be more smart.

I'm really interested in what you said with "multiple endings based on how the player interacted with the AI and the puzzles in the game".

Keep up the good work!

My heart can't take these kind of games, but man do I love the systems you have in this that make it that much more scary because of the mind games.

Can't wait to see what else you make, be it horror or otherwise.

As the person below said, controls aren't too good, taking a picture could better fit the E button, since it can be really easy to try to jump with it by instinct, and the buttons bound to 1, 2 and 3 could better fit z, x and c since those are easier to reach (I don't know the other keyboard type you're supporting, so I can't really say how it works).

Similarly to the Space button key binding, the escape key, at least for me, is the menu/pause go to button so I pressed it a few times trying to exit the game, so it might be good to bind it else were close to the wasd (or zqsd for the keyboard that type), and maybe add the ability to exit using the escape key, again it might be more of a peeve of mine, but it's a bit annoying to force close a game.

Another thing I'd like to point out is that the function that checks to see what the picture is focused on can be a bit off at times and also is a bit too aggressive on suggesting that trees are in the picture if slimes are not, even looking directly down will give a tree focused title if you are close enough inland.

Last thing is although it is about taking pictures a jump and some ability to interact with the slimes, maybe a pet action that just makes them stay still and smile for a short bit of time.

I did notice a bit of buggy behaviour when you stand on a slime and it jumps with the screen shaking a lot.

The game really cool looking though, and I hope this feedback helps.

While it's good to point out bad controls, a game with bad controls is still better than no game at all.

Saw a video on the third Pagan game and decided to play them in the order that he speculated was the actual chronological lore wise.

I really appreciate the complexity of the story (at least from watching the video on it), I also like the obscurity to the systems in the game like the stats and items (doesn't give hints and you have to guess on what items are), lastly I liked the ending of this one, it was simple but it just seemed nice.

On the other hand it sometimes seems like the gameplay can be lacking in the pursuit of that really complex message, not that it needs it, it can just help especially for someone like me that can't exactly get the message out of it while playing without a video break down, though both Emporium and Technopolis are pretty sort so it isn't that much of a annoyance, though the one part I thought really reflected this was both endings of Technopolis, normal one was a static image with some text and I won't spoil the secret one, but it didn't really give much, besides some complex meaning in text or something, even a boat sailing gave some closure or feeling of progression, but in Technopolis is a build up (quite literally with the statue) without any climax. Another note is that the stats are more like a collectible counter than actual stats.

Again I really like both of the games that I've played and what I've seen from the third in a video, and from what I've seen of that it seems like it has more gameplay on top of the lore, but I just think it can be a bit dry, keep up the great work.

Yeah, even if you're trying to do it the "right way" you might even just flood it anyway, kind of funny that way.

I think it's just easier to do it that way since there is most likely more ways to flood the map then to make a special little glider.

(1 edit) or if you want to check it later and don't have the link just search "Glitch Text Generator" in google or duckduckgo or what ever you use.

Just make sure you don't set the slider to far to the right or put it through more than once or you start getting text that lags you out.

Gosh dang it I stopped checking itch for a while and missed this, going to have some fun.

I don't think he did, it's just that the main game didn't have really many platforms that you jumped from the top of, mainly just into walls.

(1 edit)

Nice little goal with the sandbox!

Really fun, didn't really fall down (fell down twice on the second to last jump back to some of the rebar and one jump that should have happened that failed, but besides that nothing) and it still took me 31 minutes to beat. And I just love that atmosphere, kind sad I didn't get to explore after getting to the top but makes sense to leave it to the imagination.

Now that I've seen what the creator can do for a full game I'm really excited for the next full game.

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Reminds me of a Mario sunshine level, also looks really cool, love the endless shallow clear ocean vibe, especially with the tower, looks so clean and calming.

Really hyped to play it.

Nice, will check it out

Ŷ̷̢̦̖̜̩̼͖̪̯̜̟̰̼̤̰̱͉͎̜͙͍̑̈́ǫ̸̡̛̼͓̫̟̟̙̻͙̥̠̯̎̃͛̃̊̀̅͛̽̉̇̂̎̈́̾́̐̏̐̉̎͘̕͜ȕ̷̧̡̧̫͖̰͉̲̰͙͔̺̮̿̀́̊̐͋̄̆̄̓̈́̈̽̎̍̅̈́͊́̏̍͛͘͝͠͝ͅ ̶̢̢̯̼̥͖̯͖̞̰̗̗̮͍̥͚͍̺̗̱̞͕͉̹̒̔͐̀̂̎̅̿̂͆̽̎̆̄̋͋̓̒̇͐̕̚̕ͅͅͅf̸͓͙̳̺̆̒̒̔͆̒̈́͊̔̉͆̆̑͘̕o̵̡̧̤̭̱̤̣̍͋̃̀͒͒̊̍͌̽̍͆̀̀̅͒͆̌͗̆̚͠͝ͅo̵̢̨̱̳̣̼͓̰͔̱̦͚̲̲͖͉̺̮͍͍͔͖̘̘͔̦͐̃̔́̅́̀̉̽̆͝ͅḽ̴̡̨̡̢͙͔̩̤̰̮̠̮͎͔̈́̄̉̕͝͝

Mainly it's that a league and battle royal don't play into the strengths of the game which is it's mysterious and funky world, just plain versus combat could be very unstaisfying if the combat has a lot of points where you do something unexpectedly (such as go in a direction just because of how your body was flopped) or lose control without strict rules (for that to work in a VS mode that stuff needs to be very fair and some what predictable), sure it would be fun to mess around with your friends in a fight but I don't think it's built in a way to faclitate a league, like how someone wanted to have Esports with Rust).

Battle royal has a lot of scavenging and slow burn, and while the scavenging could some what work with players getting some juice they can spec with, the slow burn exastrobates the problems I mentioned earlier with the combat, when players invest that much time there is even more of a focus needed to have tight combat and movment so that dying and geting a kill is mostly skill based (preparation, actual skill and strategic skill) with little luck, because when it isn't then it gets really irritating for players to lose for factors out of their control.

Gripe with mobile mode is mainly you're trying to condense down a good experience and controls, where a player on a PC is very likely to have something to hear the music/sounds, the moblie user isn't as much.

I like the idea of level editing, but I don't think re inventing Gmod would be the best idea, since Gmod already does it better than this game could, but being able to make a level for people to play through could be cool.

Also another factor to these things is that everything takes development time, even if it doesn't take much away from the game it will make the game take longer to develop, very much so for a mobile version on the game that would require not only the time to add it to the game but to keep it upto date, including making sure it runs well, that the controls work with anything new.

"many games implement similar aspects of the game that are slightly changed or overused, without ruining it."

Undertale's music uses Leitmotifs to tie together the music, but very rarely is one song just another song, but with a bit of a remix, they stand out well from each other.

The Marrio one works because it's based on good game mechanics and has tons of people developing it, while it's a staple it isn't anything very unique, while Juice world has it's appeal from being the opposite of this, there isn't (at least yet) much replayablity because what is intresting in the game is discovering what's in it, most of what was keeping me hooked was finding any more to the naritive or any new strang quirk. Marrio games at their base are made to make lots of levels fun with a little bit of something new every time.

The Legend of Zelda has rehashed enemies but (from what I remember) it doesn't have mini versions of bosses as fodder enemies like mini ganons. And again those monsters that are rehashed a bunch aren't memorable, what were memorable were the re-dead which are sparingly used. What makes the Vampire and miss Slithers intresting characters is from them coming up sparingly. For example the Vampire bat wouldn't be as mysterious if we fought a bunch of mini versions of him, we would just think he's a big one, which would also devalue the whole vampire thing which feels more like a chance incounter of becoming one since there is only one.

Anyway yeah there might be a way to add some of the things without devaluing it, but just some of the stuff would take away from developing this trippy experience of a game without adding much where other games are just better suited. I think a lot about the game is playing into a niche consept.

I like the idea of the juice dresser, just so you aren't stuck with the hat you last picked up.

Slitherer, Vampling, Vampire BAT.tle and Slitherss battle 2 all seem like they would cheapen stuff already in the game, you lose orginality and uniqueness of the things already in the game, making the vampire and mis slithers just some larger version of some monster, fight with the vampire bat for some reason (though it would be cool to see him again) and what would make the really cool fight with Slithers so much less intresting is haveing a rehashed version of it later on, also changing the first fight so she doesn't die at the end of it which was a big thing for the fight.

"Multiplayer Versus, Multiplayer league, Battle Royale, Mobile edition"
Why does everything need a forced battle royal version in it? and a moblie version ontop of it?

Might be wrong on this case, but multiplayer isn't always easy to add.

(1 edit)

I think the creator is doing a little more polishing on it before he makes a whole new thing on the same idea.

He also has said that some of the game design isn't the best because it was a game jam game so he had limited time.

I'm not sure about the stamina bar thing, it's 1/6 the width of the screen but isn't too high to get in the way of the player's site, if someone needs to see their stamina it's not hard to just look down for a half a second to check it.

For the wall jump part, are you talking about the part right before the bridge to the island with the slide? (You have to jump onto a differently angled part of the wall and then onto the bridge) That part can be tricky if you haven't gotten a hang of climbing and aiming your wall jumps, but besides that it's not really hard.

As for the king I think the part with it looking like a pathernon is partly him going into the greek/roman (a bit weird) fusion and the fact that he didn't have too much time to do it (game jam) so he most likely made what wouldn't take long but also looks fansy, so something made of marble pillars and blocks, the king's sprite is from a statue of Augustus Caesar (the statue's name is "Augustus of Prima Porta") which is most likely the reason (it being a statue with one color) he colored the whole thing yellow, and the baby thing came with it and would most likely have taken a good chunk of time to delete with out having that leg look bad. As for the blood, I think it's just because of how little time they had since it was a game jam, so they used a very simple brush to paint the red on a bunch of all those sprites to make an animation.

Emperor and king are mostly the same (with emperor geernally just having more power/land unless you are bringing it up because it's KOTH and not EOTH.

Okay no, it would not be good to have the up and down arrow's uses switch just from looking up or down, that would mean when ever you want/have to look down but still want to climb up you have to switch which key you are using, it's a lot easy and gives a lot more control to always have the up arrow go uo and the same thing with the down arrow (eccept down wards).

I agree with the pros, though I do have to say that the poor npcs and the king are both pixilated the same amount, the king is just bigger (most likely so you jumping to kill him makes sense.)

(1 edit)

*Grumble grumble* at least I can make a map for training climb boosts.

Just kidding you do what you want, just make sure you don't force yourself into making something you don't want if you don't like how the game is going later on, in the end if you really don't like making the game it would be pretty bad, one cool thing with the seprate levels is that people could make there own seperate level packs for people that could get added in some way

Definitely the first option, there are so many cool things that could be done with it, some of which I mentioned in my reply had was timed events in the world where some structures are only avaliable to access at the right time and place, with information spread around in the world that tells you where and when it happens, so you might backtrack to a tower you went to very early on because something floating gets real close to it at a certain time, which you only learned about long after doing the tower.

I just noticed the tweet has 2) for both the second and third option.

(1 edit)

I feel like this goes for one too, though I can see it being a lot harder to add an open world and not as easy to tell a story/make the adventue as curated in the format.

I totally agree with "But at the end, you should do what you feel most comfortable with.", but not because the poll is not going my favour I swear.

Definitely think the first option would be really cool. It would have that "see that mountain, you can climb it" it feel but with good climbing, like Shadow of the Colosses where the large structures (much like they are in the place of the colossi) are where there is chanlange, but there can also be fun in climbing arould the world between them.

Oh and what could even lean more into that interesting world is events that happen only at certain times, ones that you might stuble into if you are really lucky or more likely you find hints to when and where these things happen, such as a door that only opens are just the right time of day or moon light at the right phase of the moon. A more amitious kind of event could be some floating structure that only gets close to some towers at a certain time.

I'd say the third option could also be cool, though it gives less freedom for exploration, not just the freedom of choosing which montain to climb, but also exploring things that isn't marked and could be nothing, but could also be some cool place to climb up.

Now I wish I could store the boombox on my back so that I can listen to those sweet jams everywhere

(1 edit)

Oh I wasn't expecting a boss fight, since there wasn't any combat anywhere else in the game.

Since it just felt a bit less polished since the platforms look a lot better than the sprite stuff and with the more shadow of collosus aspect it feels like a more lonely world (no kings, just towers) would fit better. Also a cool sequence of gears or mechanical parts moving to release the water could also be really satifying and a bit cinematic too.

Alright, I don't know how to DM on itch (if you can) could you DM on here or we could DM through discord.

Uhh, I've found how to break the climbing to let be climb into walls and stuff, like once you figure it out you start seeing places you can do it everywhere, at least 23 places so far. The spot I'm most proud of is getting right under the king.

Rubehi, If you want to know I can say it here or DM, in case you don't want it just explained on the main page.

Oh and I think you miss counted the number of notes. ;)

I just realized that the fog also helps to hide the notes too, you have to really pay attention to any odd cliff you don't remember climbing to to find one of the notes, but very satisfying to find it.

Personally think the open world type works the best (totally unbias here) with the king of the tower one in second place (though you have to deal with the fact that it would probably be hard to deal with people cheating to become the K.O.T.T) and I think the level based one with hub would lose part of the charm that games you make like this have of being very real, though a level editor does sound rad.

"to kill more Tyranous kings." I don't know about that, at least if that is the only thing you do. What I think might be cool is that this world is pretty dim and dry like the lower part of "KtK.O.T.H." but after you get to the top of a tower you can let out the life giving water at the top (might be hard to have it pour water of the sides depending on how the tower is made though) and with it life returns to the land around it (and the fog/dust ,if there is any in the area, clears, though as Burace has said the fog kind of stops the player from seeing how cool the area is)

Maybe the area is overcast to start with and you can't see past the cloud layer that the towers go through, so you can still see a lot, but it's dim and you can't see all of the tower till you clear it. Just imagine getting to the half way point, maybe two thirds up, and passing the cloud layer to see a bright clear sky, and once you clear the whole tower you can see that bright sky from the ground around the tower.