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Replied to slipcor in Too Fast Paced?
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I'm confused. I have mined both tin and copper just fine.

Posted in Suggestion Box

This is more of a suggestion after you can buy the hill house, but it would be nice to choice, to an extent, where things like shelfs, crafting table, the little cubby things, fire wood rack, etc can go and add more if needed. You would proabably have it so you choice what goes where and pay a fee for it to get move, add or removed.

Related suggestion is to have upgraded versions of the forge and smelter, for the foage upgades: bigger and hotter (heats up metal faster) and for the smelter: faster smelting and less fuel use.

Another related suggestion, (related to shelfs) boxes that can hold stacked of items with a area at them bottom to take them out for easy storge and access so you could put something like pickaxe heads in and get them easily from the bottom, also have it so you can use them next to the smelter for coal.

It would be nice to be able to order lanterns and lid boxes.

Last but big thing, bigger size lid boxes.

Thanks for all that you've done so far and going to do. It's a really fun game and has a lot of potential!

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I didn't imply the player would be fighting the monsters, just that the players could buy the loot off of NCPs.

Umm, just wanted to point out that the horns on the girl in the main menu are off set, so much so that it looks like one is coming from right in the center of the head, sorry just really bugged me.

Replied to Kurzidan in Bug Reports

I got rid of all of mine, don't need it anyway.

Replied to Kurzidan in Bug Reports

Or you could do what I do, never touch them.

Replied to Kurzidan in Bug Reports

I installed a new version of java and it works! Thanks!

It feels like my save is brand new, besides my progress.

Replied to Kurzidan in Bug Reports

What do you use to run the .jar file?

Created a new topic Too Fast Paced?

I've been playing this game a lot resently (after I finally updated my driver to play openGL 2.0 games) and I have been thinking, is the game too fast paced? When I played this game ,before mining and the handel shop, it made sense for the costumers to come one after the other in a almost constant flow, but now we have other things like: smelting ores, mining and shoping I'm starting to think the game is getting a bit too fast paced (yes you could close the shop to smelt your ores but (this might just be me) it gives you the feeling losing out on both exp and money.)

Other players, please tell me if you feel the same or if it's just me.

Some ideas that might help:

Customers requesting (in person or by mail) a item be made by in X amount of days (when they pick it up)

In game time going slower so you have some breathing room between customers

NPCs other than the normal customers coming in your shop: Merchants selling you ores and exotic handels/hilts (maybe even blueprents for new styles of blades/picks/axes), Couriers with mail.

Customers bartering items for items (example: ore for a new pickaxe, dungeon loot* for a new sword, ect.) (like merchants but generly less stuff and for items not gold) (this probable wouldn't help the pace of the game but it would add more variety in gameplay.)

*Dungon loot would be items you could only get from delving into monster inhabited areas.

Posted in Bug Reports

Not sure if anyone else has had this but, after about an ingame day and one skill point alocated, when I open up the skill menu it makes my charatar look all the way down and I can't see the menu.

Posted in Catch 22?

Ah, thank you. I thought the ruins (the dangerous ruins) was the one refered to when one of the NPCs mentions tin.

Created a new topic Catch 22?

I'm a bit confused, I have been playing this game a few hours now and I'm not sure how to get tin, I thought it might be in the ruins on the other side of the ranch (not in the game yet) and the only other place I think it would be is past the area you make the bridge, but I need a bronze ax to get hardwood (for some reason I've goten two from some smaller tree) and to make a bronze ax I need tin, ect.

How do you get hardwood/tin before making the bridge?

or add reinforced Fondation which would take metal but take four times as long for the shark to break

If the walls prevented the shark from attacking the foundation then you could easily just get rid of the shark from attacking all together and that would just take a feature od the game away.

You can also just download the itch.io client, it will do all the work.

Posted in Raft comments

Really fun!

Posted in Raft comments

There is a bug where your hand will always apear in the bottom right corner and you can't use the spear after that, petty sure you can't cut down pam trees too when the bug happends.

I got the best score.

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Not trying to be mean but that thumb nail is cancer.