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Really cool game, though you get stuck if you try to shoot the gun with no tokens in play, also any size bigger than about 13 will result in not being able to see where you are playing.

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Still should probably make it so people can leave floor 8 so people don't get trapped there like me. Unless the boss is being added soon and it will get fixed anyway.

@EditDotEXE made it.

Level 8 of the dungeon still doesn't have working exits. (It's so dark down here.)

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Hey, just recently I haven't been able to log into my account, the loading is stuck at 0%, and when I made another character to check, I'm not shown on the adventurer leaderboard for some reason.

Just to clarify the account was remade after the update, so it wasn't the update that did it.

Does the Nick quests end after you make the golem core blade for now?

Cool stuff added in this update, also I killed black mamba, you left them summoned >:).
Also I got a high adventurer rank, which has made me realize that eventually the quest might be better doing something, even the simpler "kill 10 x" could be evolved into more of a "cull x in y area"

I think I played a bit too much.

You might also want to limit how many times you can enhance things.

Where's the update Anra? I need my fix!

No pressure.

Are you planning on adding more later on? Also will it be harder later on to get the scroll/different way to get races instead of the scroll?

Oh this is purely just a suggestion response, but I think it would be good for you to avoid square zones. A zone that has some walls breaking it up will make it much more interesting and make the area feel bigger even if the walls take some space, if you add elevation changes to the ground it could also add a lot, either making it so there are areas too steep to go up, but you can get down, or even just having areas were you have a vantage point to look down from. As it stands now you would just beeline to where ever you want to go in the zone, or to the exit to the next zone with just a bit of regard to where the mobs are to not run into them, (unless you are going to go through an exit then agroing them doesn't even really matter)

In the same vein the dungeon kind of is a bit too repetitive. There is a entrance to the floor and an exit to the next with a long hallway in-between. Making it so it isn't just a straight hallway and having unique floors could add a lot, for example having some kind of fountain room part way into a dungeon that works as a small rest area.

Speaking of the dungeon it would be cool to see some kind of skill to check for traps or maybe some visuals to hint where traps are. Right now traps aren't punishing at all since just moving keeps them from hurting you, but I can't really suggest making it more punishing when there is no way to really avoid the traps.

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No problem, I'm happy you apricate it and it's a good sign too.

I'm looking forward to the update, and also the quests you added were yummy, I ate all the quests.

More of a future thing but it would be cool to see different looking magic circles for different magics later on, and more magics too. It might be interesting to have a basic spell, like fireball, for each element. Also the barrier magic in town is cool, wonder if we will get a barrier spell later on.

More Bugs:

If you have a weapon out and go to another area, your "no weapon out skills" don't show in the new area until you take the weapon out and put it away again.

There are some dialogs you can just walk away from, for example after assessing your magic aptitudes you can leave before all the dialog is said, same with the conversation with Nick. You can also change directions during the One chat, which messes up the yellow magic circle that shows up when he sends you to the trial.

Dashing can push you through walls if you do it right against a wall.

There is some Z fighting with the textures for the clothing and the body texture underneath, while it partly seems like a limitation with what you are using, you could still have something that hides the body textures where they aren't being shown, for example if the chest is a separate texture and the player is wearing a shirt that fully covers it, then the body texture could be turned off since there is no way for the player to be able to see it (outside of z fighting or clipping the camera into the body).

Breaking crates give a decimal number of coins resulting in having something like 1000.832002896 coins.

It's inconsistent what knocks you down for walking into it when you are in walking mode, for example the interior walls of the blacksmith knock you over, but the interior walls of the rented houses don't, anything that doesn't knock you over for walking into it is really easy to clip through and walk past.

Found the debug level up button, now I ruined my character, well I wanted to make a new one to make it an elf anyway.

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Really cool stuff, a bit rough around the edges. I've made a list of gripes and bugs I've found, don't get me wrong, I think the game is really cool, it's just that there are a lot of bugs and such.

It would be nice to be able to use the race change scroll to turn back into human (would mean going from any advance race to a different advanced race would take two scrolls)

I like the perma death, though with a game in beta it can be tough when a bug results in death. It's also a bit tough when skills and such don't have tool tips, and having multiple skills/spells of the same name adds onto that problem. Also no tooltip for what different stats do.

A big example of having to make choices based on no data, that often mean making a new character, is the choice between three boons One gives you, and changing races also gives boosts you can't know before choosing.

It's also very hard to tell if a NPC is talking about something that exists in the game or is planned to be in the game, for example the mist swamp, the thing One mentions about dungeons and I'm not sure if Nick coming back after level 5 is something that hasn't been added or if I'm messing it up by leveling past 5 before I come back to town. Also not sure if there are any more areas besides the dead forest, outside town, in town and the dungeon.

It would be cool to see the terrain have some elevation, though trying add depth to an area could be hard since it's just you working on the game.

The movement is pretty stiff and some times I wish the direction the player was looking was locked to the camera with the moment to the sides were strafing.

Also wish there was an AOE spell, but that would end up making mages just better at grinding with how the game is right now.

As TechnoBen said, the camera is a bit hard to control, I think this is because it's set to be a certain distance away from the player and when they go against a wall it will push the camera to the side instead of moving closer to the player, it also seems to be some kind of physics object instead of having the perspective shot out as a ray from the player (to make sure it isn't behind a wall), also it's a bit annoying that you can't change the up and down direction of the camera by much.

I also love concepts like magic affinities, but when you have a chance to have (all?) four of them, it leads to people, like me, making a new character till they get the best result. It's also weird that the only place I've learned about what types of magic there are is when he tells you what magic affinities you have, so there could be a water affinity and I have just never seen it.

I saw you mention that you personally set up the adventurer guild quests, which is cool, but it could also easily be set up to automatically appear overtime or every 24 hours.

Pressing Q moves the player forward by a certain amount (which seems to be more the longer the game runs) seems like a debug movement tool left in the game.

First character I had ended up dying on the 8th level of the dungeon since there was no door to a 9th floor and the door back to the 7th didn't seem to work.

Lost another character to the golem protecting the dead forest, but not from getting in, but after I left the forest and it had killed me by the time the area loaded in.

Not sure if you're suppose to be able to get like 5 red prince swords from the trial One puts you through.

If you beat all the slimes in the trail it is very easy to end up dying by the wasps before you are scripted to stop taking damage around 50hp resulting in dying to the trial and making a new character.

You can change the direction of re: phantasm after you start to cast it, right before it shoots out, which honestly I think would be good if it was a normal thing added.

Can just walk through the side walls in the dungeon.

Starting to walk and tabbing out of the game (like changing to a different tab) results in the player moving without checking if it's going through walls, eventually leading to going out of the map.

After recharging my mana at the stone in town I went outside the town and my mana was set back to near empty.

When you harvest plants or open chests you are set back to walk mode, but your character model still looks like they have their weapon out (if they had it out when they started to interact with it).

When you level up your weapon unequips.

The demon inside the dungeon does not agro from magic attacks, only from getting close to it.

Magic just flies over eaters at some ranges. (I'm also not sure if re: pantasm is suppose to always miss when trying to hit ghosts and slimes.)

When you got to sleep in the area outside of town and get out of the leafbed, you get teleported inside of the hollow dungeon entrance (with the fake tree and fake iron ore)

Also shops don't let you sell items of the same type you are wearing, so if you have a wooden stick equipped and want to sell your other 10 you have to unequip the one in hand first.

I don't think so, but with the nature of the game being connected to a language model, theoretically any topic could come up.

The NPC wasn't referring to any specific day or person, and most likely incorrectly said today as they are simular sayings.

It itself doesn't even know the color of it's hair, but can easily act like it knows if you mention it. So if you ask an it how it knows something it will most likely give some weird excuse, and belive itself that it knows. Like how a psychic does cold reading in a way.

I would avoid topics you aren't comfortable with, and if it seems like it's mentioning a topic you don't like, don't give it more details, and change the subject.

If the NPC says "I know you love fruits" a response saying "How did you know I like Kiwi" will (most likely) result in it acting like it knew, while responding with "I don't like fruits" will (most likely) result in a response saying they forgot or the misremembered.

I think it's more likely they would be able to save the state of the GPT API at a certain time. I don't think you can just feed it a convo to get it back though.

Hey dev, another suggestion.

This shouldn't be too hard, but I'm not 100% sure. Adding a log of what you and the AI has said that you can look back on like how light novels do.

Though there is the a good chance they could adapt it to work with the Language models you can run on your computer locally.

That is weird, since the updates I have rarely seen that message.

Normal Chat GPT might work better for coming up with 5e characters.

But yeah it is awkward when the hud and text overlap.

Hey Dev, something that might not be too hard to code, but could add a good bit is two things.

Add multiple "scenarios" to select at game start, could act as difficulties too.

For the second thing, I'm not sure how hard it would be to add, but a save option (Not sure if the Chat GPT API has the option to take a save state of the AI at a certain point though) in case you get a good spot and want to mess around with that state.

Nice, I've gotten her to give me a glock by saying we would play pretend gunstore.

You can make a free Open AI account which will give you some free credits to use for the API. Though it should run out after while, it should be enough to get a few runs in

On top of that, the comments are always ordered from newest to oldest.

The AI will react differently each run, it's kind of random what they decide, but since Chat GPT has memory they generally stick with it for a run.

Also yeah the AI seems to sometimes randomly open the door.

I think that is just based on Chat GPT traffic, try at different times.

Well you can also escape by finding the hidden key (Hint look through all the computer mail) Or maybe trick here into giving you a key.

That is a bit of a limitation of using a AI model like Chat GPT, it only knows what it is told, it could be told at the start what it's wearing, but the AI doesn't remember everything it's told forever. Could maybe give it some way to check these things when asked about them, like how it can tell when you move to different rooms, but that sounds much more complicated.

Really it's a pretty simple game (It does have a good few important variables that are manually given to the AI) that is just using Chat GPT to make a lot of stuff up.

"Don't say that! That makes me embrassed.." basically means there was some error with making the message, are you using the newest version? The newer versions actually give clear error messages.

They can't exactly make Chat GPT not cost money since they aren't in charge of that service, and it's needed for it to run, but hopefully the developer adds support for chat models that can run on the host computer.

Ah cool, wasn't sure how hard it was to run, I imagine it can't be too hard to program the game to take input from those instead of the Chat GPT API, but I could be wrong.

Though maybe an option for either would be good, since those on host models are trained on a smaller data set (At least I know it is for GPT4all).

It's really amazing how fast the tech is advancing, and I look forward to it being refined and used in games to handle most NPC interactions, and hopefully with enough programming to back it up so that the NPCs don't just say things they can't do.

Version 1.03 should fix the double reply issue. As for laggy, assuming you are talking about how the game actually runs, yeah it seems unoptimized, though you can try staying near the edge of the apartment and looking away from the center to help, it might be best to wait for a fix.

As for Chat GPT usage limit, not much the developer can do about that, though it looks like there is a on host machine GPT model that is in the works that, with enough effort, could be hooked up to the game, though I'm not sure how hardware extensive running it is.

Oh dev, could you make it so that when you alt tab, instead of toggling the pause menu it only opens it, and not closes it? Makes it easy to accidentally unpause while changing windows.

Yeah the time has gone down, it seem the problem where it stops "thinking" before a response only appears with high wait times.

Also might want to look into optimizing the graphics, a bit of ambient occlusion would do wonders.

You aren't quick on the uptake are you?

Kind of seem mad considering you have called it a bitcoin miner, virus and other such with no proof after failing to be able to play the game.

Also not my video, just a funny meme response, Also pretty sure watching a video through a embed doesn't count for views.

Dude, it's really obvious you had problems running the game, and then got mad calling it a virus, etc.

That being said, it is clearly very unoptimized, since it takes up a lot more computing when looking at the middle of the room compared standing at the edge and looking out.

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Not them, but the delay seems to have improved, it's mostly 30 seconds per response now, sometimes a bit more.

Though there is another bug I've gotten since last version where the "Thinking..." message goes away before she says her next message. Which means you can try to say something before she responds, and if the delay is bad enough she will think you are ignoring her while waiting for a response from her.

Edit: Though I've gotten a few "Open AI servers are overloaded, prompted failed, try again" like messages, so that might be a factor.

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After you link to a YT vid of your own of the game, best to leave it at that.

You should be able to get an API key with a free open ai account, but it's said to have a limited amount of credits, so you can play for free for awhile, but it might run out while playing.

Should be enough to play it a few times depending on how long you take.

As James says, depends.

Near guaranteed cartoonish violence.

But also since it's powered by Chat GPT acting as a girlfriend it has risk. But mostly it shouldn't have anything weird unless the player is actively trying to push the conversation down that route. So basically as harmful as leaving a kid in front of the Google home page.

Supervision recommended.