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When I open it up, it just shows white, sometimes with a tool bar at the top, but other times not.

Sorry, should be fixed now, there are a few areas that look the same to the start so I mixed them up.

I hope the next one I make will be fun to make.

Happy to help!

- Song: The game! (make a bitsy game based on a song)

-Game: The game! (make a bitsy game based on a different game)

It would be intresting to see what people come up with.

You could also do this with other things. (TV show, movie, ect)

I really like it! after awhile it gets confusing which way is east.

If you change the palet at the end so both sprite an background are the same you can hid thea avatar from view.

It must have been a pain to make a new area for every move.

The game is too good, so good it's illegal.

The 3D gound view seems like it would be cool for making a bunch of drawing of a town and easily know what bulidings are in the back ground, where the roads are.

If you added enough detail to the town and buildings it would be fun to just get lost in a large city.

For some reason the text is too pixelated to read.

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I've played quite a few bitsy game and this is better than a lot of them, some of them only have one area, though that doesn't mean it's bad, it normaly has to be really good to justify one area.

Right now bitsy games can be about things: humor, storytelling, choices and puzzles, you can a lot or a few, and there's other things like the looks and atmosphere.

 This is my first game, https://edited.itch.io/slime-adventure, I just filled it with humor and the smalist bit of story, if I went for mainly story I would have had to make it longer and more charatars.

I stop making sense a long time ago didn't I?

Was it getting confused between if you were playing/testing the game or not? I've had that before and you just got to exit out and go back into bitsy again.

It's a lot like "Secreta Vitae" But the player isn't the one that fixes it in the end it's the MC, the MC is the one talking and a bit less developed.

MC is short for Main Charactar, and the walls are intangable not invisible.

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Uhh, you spawn in the wall, still playing but I wanted to point that out.

Edit: It feels like you could easily made it a longer game, but good colors and nice walls.

That's what I thought, to give the sense of falling apart or the world falling apart around you maybe?

Good, not sure if you made it so you can walk though some of the walls on porpose.

I don't want to say how to do it in the comments, but I will say that I knew what the c wall would be right away and looked for it in every room, and the third one I checked had them, the other one was just as far from the start and has the biggest clue, I think what it said clicked for me until I did it. If that isn't clear I'll be clearer, I also tryed checking every tile in every room.

Found two of the three exits, can't figure out the last one, I'm guessing it's the hardist.

Man, I love pool.

It's always the butl- er servant, if it isn't, it's me, out of anger, that it isn't the butler.

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One of the best bitsy games I have played, didn't have to be long, didn't have to have a big world. Short and Sweet.

Edit: I found it weird that it says "Her heart is sinking into despair, and if something isn't done quickly, she'll become depressed. " She seemed pretty depressed already.

Phhsshshshhht, OBVIOUSlLY the butle- err, servant did it.

"Didn't figure it out?" made me think there was another ending. (not sure exactly what he said)

The fact it was empty (I looked everywhere inside it) and there wasn't corners for the invisible walls around I got out of, made me think it wasn't on purpose.

The clean black and white colors add to the computer/logic theme, if it look more like it was from fantasy (runes and portals instead of buttons and gates) it might have been harder to figure out, it's great how it is now though.

I found two of the secret endings before I went in the cabin.

Really funny, not sure if there is more than one ending though.

Really liked it, when we get varables this will be so much easier.

I didn't see where secret applies, found a hole in the invisable walls though (seventh level)

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I made the first one some days ago, the latter I just finished.

I should proably work more on the one for the bitsy jam.

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Those varables will open a lot of options!

Oh, and could you let us have the option to randomize varables?

This totally isn't a evil plan to make an rpg inside bitsy.

Another thing is being able to change what the avatar looks like between areas, I've been making some cutseen-ish stuff in my WIP games and I found that you have to have the avatar somewhere on the screen, not the biggist proplem.

- Escape

- Home

- Space

- Discovery

- Moving on

- Finding a Better Ending

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Quick question, Are you supposed start making after submission open? or before?

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I've worked on it some more, getting close to finishing, besides adding shine to things and more shading. Is the thing on his head a helmet?

Edit: Is the top part of his pack a bed roll?

It would be nice if we had the ability of setting some varables, have it so you can change it like the exits, set an tile that changes a varable when you go on it, and have it so you can tweak areas depending on the varables (example: having a key looking tile with a varable change when you go on that same tile, tweak the area so the key tile doesn't show up anymore and a new varable change is add right in front of a door without needing to make a copy of the areas and re adding sprites and exits.

Another tool that would be nice is connecting areas together, (example: set area 2 to be to the north of area 1, it would make exits along the south part of area 1 connecting to area 2 on the north and visa versa)

Last thing, it would be nice if you could see the tile under the avatar inseated of just the blank color of the back ground.

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I agree, but after a point it becomes overly complicated to, say, pick up a key, because if I add a key you can pick up in an open world, I have to add another version of every area, not the hardist with the copy area button but I have to re add the exits to all of those rooms, which is a pain. Being limited to three colors would be fine if I could choice how I could use them, seeing the tile under the avatar, etc.

Edit: maybe I should use RPG maker but use the style of bitsy (8bit three color, but I could add varables and a few more frames.)

EditEdit: If I could, I would do something like this game, https://tak.itch.io/meow

I used Bitsy to make it so, that's the reason why it's arrows only, the only real thing you can do with bitsy is story telling and humor, and I think I jamed a lot in that game.

You made a whole game, I just saw something that would make it better, you one person can't think of everything.

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Doesn't take much to make it longer, though thinking up a bunch of stuff helps.

It took me less than a day to make it, I could probably make an open world, nothing would change over time because you don't get varables to work with, but I could give some lore with objectives with attached dungeons, which you could go though and get an ending (A evil beast in a cave: go though cave, solving puzzles, and in the end you get an ending with the world being a better place, or some rumor about a tower of the gods and becoming one by getting to the top: go though tower dungeon (PUZZLES) and get an end of becoming a god or a choice of not.)

Edit: Either I'd make the open world something like a 8x8 of areas, or a bunch of islands of varing sizes conectend by ports.

Edit: And I remembered how anoyying jugling three colors is, I'd proabably make the areas with water mostly water because I couldn't have things like trees in the same areas with water.

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I think one problem is, it doesn't get harder the farther you get, the reason I could rack up the score is because I could, on average, get plus two seconds in less than that time, if you made it so it slowly gave you less extra time than it would be better. It's very simple but it's a good game!

Edit: You could also have a two gamemodes/modifiers: Losing instantly from getting it wrong once and only getting X seconds per question.

The mutiple endings were very cheap, kind of an after thought.

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Oh yeah, arm straps! I'm using Paint.net and I'm trying to get gud at art and stuff, I also have a drawing pad so there's that.

I still have a lot of stuff to do like shading, redrawing the lines and more shading. (oh and eyes)

Is there anything that you like or don't?

Edit: just noticed the eyes look really creapy right now.

EditEdit: is that thing on his head a helmet? Not sure if I should be giving it a shine.