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Lovely little spoopy demo!

I would love to seem some more development with this! Lots of potential!

Enjoyed it while it lasted, nice job!

If you want I can help with the grammatical errors. I think of myself fairly good with grammar. Best way to contact me is my business email on my youtube channel in you're interested.

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This demo made me wanting more, good job!

You surprised me with how good this game actually was, good job!

Played the game, however as stated through the video some changes could help!

Super fun quick game! Very stressful but had lot's of fun with it! Well done! 

Here is my playthrough of the game, a few glitches along the way.

Here is my let's play. The dialog boxes could be made a little better to look prettier and implemented into the game rather that a random popup box.

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Loved the game! It seems to be a very deep game with a lot of small details to worry about!

All the narrative text flies by so fast you can't even read it. Unplayable.

Very enjoyable, did not expect that ending at all!

Enjoyed the game, very different from all others I have played. Worth the one dollar just to test out.

Demo was waaay too short but it looks great!

Very fun, challenging, and entertaining. I reccomend!

Loved this game a lot. Reminds me of portal in the way that the puzzles work. This was one of the more challenging puzzles games that I have played.


bug occurs @ 10:45

I achieved my dreams of being the best sloth driver in the world!

However.. I did find getting 3 stars was a bit too challenging.

This was the most fun I have ever had recording a game for my channel. I absolutely loved this game! Please do not stop updating this game it has so much potential! Also add the save feature, thanks :)