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All the narrative text flies by so fast you can't even read it. Unplayable.

Hey! Cheers for the feedback, I went ahead & adjusted the dialog times.

I downloaded the Windows version and... could the dialog times be lengthened a bit more? 

Oh gosh Cryptic thank-you so much, I just spotted the opening dialog was still on the old rate, I'll have the update up shortly

There we go, I think I've caught it all now. Give me a yell if you still have difficulty, thank-you both so much for your help. :)

Played the latest version, all worked well and... a new Goblin rose! :)


Ahh this was lovely! thank-you so much, It also helped me spot some more areas I could do with adding  more time to let them speak. I'll get that fine tuned.

You shall make a fine goblin!

It was a fun quest. :) I'm glad you like it, Goblin status achieved! :)