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Hello Stella! Thank-you ever so much for playing and for the feedback, I'll keep working hard to make stronger things >:}

Hey Ranger! Thankyou ever so much for making a video they are so useful and very fun to watch! :D

I'm not sure what may be causing the crashes, I'll keep a close eye on it and see if something unusual crops up.

Thankyou ever so much Gray for the very kind words, the demo for a second game can now be found Here

Thankyou so much for the feedback Kippy, I agree 100% I think ill try add Chook into scenes, so that you can chat a little or choose to leave a scene via directly choosing her. Rather than have her constantly nag you.

Thankyou ever so much for the feedback! Its wonderful to know which character clicked for you the most I always find that bit really interesting, I'll keep working hard for you :D

Hey Joseph!

Ahh thank-you so much for the glowing feedback. I'll be keeping on stabbing away at this, fleshing it out and making it weirder. >:}

Ahh cheers Grimm! You really gave some brilliant voices to everyone, it was a pleasure to watch and very very useful to see too.

Thankyou so much for this!

Oh man, I know what you mean about Mins voice, I tested this through many times and can hear her squeaks still haunting me. I think I need to slightly lower her volume and mix another less 'EEEEEK!' sound in which she can make as part of her speech sounds. Thankyou so much for the feedback Nooty :D

Sosig is a highly trained pro detective and is great at preserving all evidence and crime-scenes.

Thankyou so much candy! there is a good ending though its tucked away under all the terrible things they have to endure first to get there. 8}

Hey yellow circle thankyou so much :D I'm glad you enjoyed playing. I'll have something new with these two up in a few days :}

Cheers Verociel and thankyou so much for the great video to watch. I'll be definitely be making more games, It's very moreish >:}

Thankyou Fatal Snail, it was lovely to watch your video!

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Ah man thank-you so much for being so kind and for a lovely video!

It was great fun to make for learning how to make this sort of game and seeing people play is a huge huge surprise. I can certainly see some things which worked and what fell flat. This sort of video is a huge huge help in shaping the next adventure Chook and Sosig are forced to go on 8}

Thank-you again! <3

Hey cheers Miss Blue!

One ending is really not very intuitive to gain I'm afraid and that is completely my fault. It involves changing the system time to be the next or previous month and the central location in the neighborhood will change to the hidden 4th location (In hindsight I should have made this change be triggered by a piece of conversation with the cows head). The *best* and true ending is by then going on to win that pub quiz.

Thankyou again for the kind words and for the video, it was a pleasure to watch! :D

Eyy! :D

Cheers for the kind comments and for the video, these kinds of videos are truly helpful in seeing how others play and view the game. It's a massive help, thankyou so much!

'Nootybloops' is a good incognito persona for you, you are a top undercover agent. Also you are too kind to me :D

I think I know which ones evading you, Try setting your system date so that its next month or last month, then going to the neighbourhood. ;}

Great work!

The cave was full of interesting things to look at and investigate. With such a beautiful art style!

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Absolutely wonderful! my favorite part was interacting with the different characters and their personalities. I'm really excited to see where you take the little bird next and who he gets to meet next. Really fantastic work for your first project!

Wonderful game! the learning curve was great, I felt like different puzzle features were introduced at a great pace and those super stylish environments!. I wanted to use a good chunk of the landscapes as desktop backgrounds.

great fun! the plastic duck prop was my favorite :)

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This is a really really great game which I had a ton of fun with, I loved to hate the shark so much. Everything looks so fantastic and the feeling of being adrift is calming, when the shark isnt trying to take your cooking meals for itself. I think I wanted a parrot because of Kon-Tiki, but I promise I would look after it better than the stove.

I hope you all feel super proud of this game because you should!

It seemed to work super! thankyou for giving us the option :}

I had fun! even if I was a dreadful bear and starved in the winter. The different status effects you could pick up from characters was brilliant, which made me more bold with decisions hoping to make more funny changes happen.

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A stunning looking game! As others have mentioned its quite prone to crashing, but wow I love the way the animals react and killing one of the deer creatures is really satisfying >:)

wonderfully colourful and the creature designs are brilliant.

Brilliant! I'm not skilled enough to try facing collecting all the rhombs yet, making it to the end alive was satisfying enough for me so far. The music though, was amazing really really great stuff. So happy I could use a gamepad as I think I would have been hopeless on a keyboard.

I look forward to the full release!

I was too! Really really happy it allows you to actually see the route which tripped the bomb. I'm sure that will come in really handy when they get more and more complex.

I had an immense amount of fun with this, really really great demo I was certainly revved up to get my hands on more bombs.

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This game made me very happy, thankyou so much

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Brilliant work, very fresh and vibrant, I loved that there was no language barrier at all. The amount of depth in the background and environments around the puzzles amazed me. I look forward to your kickstarter!

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A wonderfully beautiful game! I loved the creature designs and the environment.

I realized afterwards I could distract the newts with the paint, tempting me to try again without injuring them.

Thankyou ever so much!