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Hello there Katelyn! It was created in Visionaire Studio 4.

Hahaha yiss! I just watched it, it was lovely!  I'm floored and flattered whenever someone plays 8}

It was a really lovely surprise  

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Oh if only I could make music! I would be really dangerous.

All music used is from Playonloop.com and  in-game is pretty much a huge chunk of the music tagged as 'Halloween' 8}

The intro music is randomized between 'Macaron Island' , 'Chubby Cat' & 'Miracle Park'

Thankyou ever so much Doxus! I had a lot of fun learning from making this one :)

The title is a massive piece of false advertising, I think Chook stayed at home to hog the TV. 

Thankyou so very much for the wonderful video!

Thankyou so much Pecan! This is another wonderful video :D

Thankyou for the lovely words Arror :D   I love Chook too!

Poor Quiz... I really wasn't kind to leave them like that. Thank-you for another lovely video Leebobawitz! 

Thankyou ever so much Mister :)

Thankyou Finvan :D I'll keep chipping away!

Thank-you ever so much for the lovely words Lebobawitz! :D

Thankyou Pecan! :D

Sorry for the trouble Don. From what I could tell, this error is the same as the one below and is a missing Windows file. 

Thanks so much for the error report. 

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Hello there!  I'm so sorry you had trouble running the game.  I did a quick search and this seems like a common Windows error and annoyingly as you've pointed out the Windows download is missing. The most solid looking suggestion I found was this:

open ' Control Panel' click on 'Uninstall a program' and look for Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable (X64) - 11.0.61030 or Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable (X86) - 11.0.61030. Right-click this entry, and in the Modify Setup dialog, choose Repair.

I do hope that might be of some help.

Thankyou Cynically!  :D

Hey Kit Cat! Thank you ever so much for the positive words and for the wonderful video,  really enjoyable to watch! :}

Hello there MAD! Hey no problem at all, feedback is wonderful it helps me improve. Thank you ever so much for the lively video they are invaluable for letting me see how people play.

Hello Gabe! Thank you so very much for playing and for recording! I'm sorry you landed with the rougher cut,  it means a lot to me that you dove right in and were eager to get stuck in. 

If you click and hold with left mouse button on an object or character then a little interaction box should appear :)

Thank-you so much! :)

Hello there! Sorry for the trouble, I've learned there might be some teething issues running on Windows 10 (I do hope I'm right in thinking that you're running in Windows 10) Please try running the game under compatibility settings for Windows 8 and please tell me if you have more luck.

Ahh this was lovely! thank-you so much, It also helped me spot some more areas I could do with adding  more time to let them speak. I'll get that fine tuned.

You shall make a fine goblin!

There we go, I think I've caught it all now. Give me a yell if you still have difficulty, thank-you both so much for your help. :)

Oh gosh Cryptic thank-you so much, I just spotted the opening dialog was still on the old rate, I'll have the update up shortly

Hey! Cheers for the feedback, I went ahead & adjusted the dialog times.

Lovely video Meliria!  I just like that anyone might speak the names at all, say them however you like :D

Thankyou! :D

Hey Meliria! I'm so glad you had enjoyed it I'll keep on making some more Neighborhood games and continue to expand the world. <3

Hello Miripan! loved watching the video these are always so helpful seeing how people play and react and very enjoyable to see. I'm so so glad you enjoyed playing it means a great deal <3

Hello Stella! Thank-you ever so much for playing and for the feedback, I'll keep working hard to make stronger things >:}

Hey Ranger! Thankyou ever so much for making a video they are so useful and very fun to watch! :D

I'm not sure what may be causing the crashes, I'll keep a close eye on it and see if something unusual crops up.

Thankyou ever so much Gray for the very kind words, the demo for a second game can now be found Here

Thankyou so much for the feedback Kippy, I agree 100% I think ill try add Chook into scenes, so that you can chat a little or choose to leave a scene via directly choosing her. Rather than have her constantly nag you.

Thankyou ever so much for the feedback! Its wonderful to know which character clicked for you the most I always find that bit really interesting, I'll keep working hard for you :D

Hey Joseph!

Ahh thank-you so much for the glowing feedback. I'll be keeping on stabbing away at this, fleshing it out and making it weirder. >:}

Ahh cheers Grimm! You really gave some brilliant voices to everyone, it was a pleasure to watch and very very useful to see too.

Thankyou so much for this!

Oh man, I know what you mean about Mins voice, I tested this through many times and can hear her squeaks still haunting me. I think I need to slightly lower her volume and mix another less 'EEEEEK!' sound in which she can make as part of her speech sounds. Thankyou so much for the feedback Nooty :D

Sosig is a highly trained pro detective and is great at preserving all evidence and crime-scenes.

Thankyou so much candy! there is a good ending though its tucked away under all the terrible things they have to endure first to get there. 8}

Hey yellow circle thankyou so much :D I'm glad you enjoyed playing. I'll have something new with these two up in a few days :}

Cheers Verociel and thankyou so much for the great video to watch. I'll be definitely be making more games, It's very moreish >:}