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Thankyou so much Raithias, so many people have been incredibly warm and supportive. Thankyou so much for taking the time to record, I love seeing everyone play. :D

Hey cheers JayskiBean! It's great fun seeing how people go about solving and thinking through solutions it really helps me figure out what to concentrate on, these videos are invaluable and really entertaining. Thankyou for taking the time to record.

Thankyou ever so much Pecan! :D

Thankyou so so much Nada, It was a brilliant learning experience!

Cows extreme poetry club adventure.

Thankyou Shadow Storm! wonderful to see you play! :D

Cheers Miss Blue! Thankyou for taking the time to record!

Thank-you so much Fatal snail it's great fun to see you play!

Thankyou again Nada! :D

Thankyou so much Shadow! 

Oh no the computer is haunted!

Not to fear the application logo is the bloody flower :D

Hello Ninetails! The Cow head thrives on all this attention is very pleased. 

The music used in the stone circle scene is this one: Children of Shadows

Hello Lineyatronic! I'm so happy to see you tackling them all 8D

Thankyou so much Flamebot! I hope to get more and more ambitious as I learn <3

Thank-you very much Mister! Glad you came back for more :D

Heckin' pleased you had a swell time playing Sassjacket! Thankyou very much for taking the time to record :D

Oh dear I'm sorry about the issues you had with fullscreen, I'm so glad that you managed to enjoy it :D

Thankyou ever so much for taking the time to create a video!

Cheers Frosted Fricks! Lovely work on your thumbnail, I like your evil twin 8}

Thankyou ever so much for the lovely words & congratulations Omnii on getting all endings! 

Hello Doxuz! Thankyou so much making a video :D

Hello Famed Killjoy!  Thank-you ever so much for the very lovely and kind words they mean a great deal, I'm ever so glad you enjoyed it and I continue to work hard learning to grow and improve. Thank-you so so much for taking the time to make this video, they are always incredibly useful and valuable for seeing how people react and play (also it's wonderful to hear people laugh). These sorts of videos are invaluable feedback and do a great deal to help shape future work I make.

Have a beautiful day!

Haha thankyou so much Stockhouse!

Lovely Roxy!  I love the sparkles you added in the thumbnail, glitter makes everything fantastic. :)

Beautiful Dood! Thankyou ever so much for taking the time to record :D

Cheers Fellowplayer! :D

Thankyou Cynically! so glad you came back for more  <3

You look so stylish!

Thankyou so very much Nada! :D

Thankyou Robin! I love sending them on terrible outings >:}

Thankyou ever so much for the kind words Blindkitty! <3

Hello there Katelyn! It was created in Visionaire Studio 4.

Hahaha yiss! I just watched it, it was lovely!  I'm floored and flattered whenever someone plays 8}

It was a really lovely surprise  

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Oh if only I could make music! I would be really dangerous.

All music used is from Playonloop.com and  in-game is pretty much a huge chunk of the music tagged as 'Halloween' 8}

The intro music is randomized between 'Macaron Island' , 'Chubby Cat' & 'Miracle Park'

Thankyou ever so much Doxus! I had a lot of fun learning from making this one :)

The title is a massive piece of false advertising, I think Chook stayed at home to hog the TV. 

Thankyou so very much for the wonderful video!

Thankyou so much Pecan! This is another wonderful video :D

Thankyou for the lovely words Arror :D   I love Chook too!

Poor Quiz... I really wasn't kind to leave them like that. Thank-you for another lovely video Leebobawitz! 

Thankyou ever so much Mister :)

Thankyou Finvan :D I'll keep chipping away!