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one is in the woods one is in in the torch in the back bit of the house another one is in the house in front of your one and the other is in a lake behind that house

check the main post the vid is there.

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the ghost part only happen if you are able to sell the item after it gets stuck in the air. and the stuck in the air bit just happens when dropping, rotating or flinging items. also make a tin item and sell it, it will sell as copper. I will upload a video where the floating bug and the gamma bug happens

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you can sell glowing hot items. the most frustrating bug is #1 did you have the same bug?

put it in the complaint box

the hot weapons sell for less I think

press z and you will see

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Bugs that I've found.

1. Things float.

When dragging / picking something up if I rotate the object or when putting things together it gets stuck, I pick it up and "tug" on it, it floats and pull very far away I can move it a bit and also sell it if I can get it near the customer. But a "ghost" of it appears where it was floating, it can't be interacted with and you can right walk through it.

This is the footage of this bug occuring in its natural habitat.

2.The Gamma slider / Brightness is completely fucked up.

If I switch to sandbox or restart the game (exit and open it) it becomes washed out or very dim. It can be "fixed" by changing the Gamma slider each time I switch modes or exit the game.

This is the footage of this bug occuring in its natural habitat.

3. Tin item / weapon becomes copper / sells for copper price

It says tin item when I look at it but when I sell it it becomes copper or the game thinks it is copper and sells for copper price. Can't say if it is the same for all the other metals / ingots, I haven't gone that far into the game

4. Can't turn off or turn down the music.

Nothing happens when I click the off switch in options or drag the slider bar .

5. After sleeping created items become disassembled and hot.

All crafted items become disassembled and the blade / head become hot or heated blade / head after sleeping.

6. One ingot can be used to make a Great hammer head

You can use one ingot to make a great hammer head and sell it with one or two handed grip. Same with 3 ingot great hammer block.

7. Sign changing menu doesn't go away

Sometimes it doesn't go away. I don't know what causes this.

8. Ingots clip into one

Placing two ingots on top of each other make the other one clip into each other. Tugging on the ingtos pulls one out and places it in the next slot.

9. The blue water crystal says unknown

It says unknown in brackets (unknown). I dont know if it a bug or if it is intentional.


YOU WROTE AL RIGHT RESERVED. It is all right reserved

My system specs

i5 3450 @ 3.1 ghz cpu

8 gb ram

HD 6670 2gb gpu

1tb hdd

game version 0.0.71

If you need screenshots ask me.