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  1. Version: released on 02/25 (that was my birthday ^-^ thanks for the gift)
  2. Description: loading the safe file. all weapons that are complete dismantle, and the blades go in heat mode.
  3. An image: nope
  4. Steps to reproduce the issue: juast make a weapon, save game.... quit and load. if you switch to sandbox it also happens.

Now we have to deal with another problem... The blades got heat when you load a save file. the only reason my shop did not burn is because every thing is fireproof lol.

you can destroy the parts and create a complete weapon when the weapon is made. one single object for the whole weapon. if you break a weapon in the anvil, it destroy the weapon and creates the itens again. if you don't atach the pieces, but destroy the parts and creates a whole object as the weapon it may work better.

Like, if I atach a guard to a grip, it destroy both itens and creates a new piece. You would have to create every combination, one hand guard and fancy grip, one hand guard and normal grip...

inside a torch, near the back door in the shop

I think we have a problem with the crafting table. it should have a fixed angle for the weapon that appears. The forge could also uso some lock just the way you did with the anvil.

Weapons made the day before can't be sold, you have to change the handle to sell it like a fresh weapon.

We could have a stand to place weapons that we already made so they can just be sold easyer. A lock on the stand would be good, so we can store up to 3 weapons of each kind.

When I go back to a saved day it always start as morning. This way instead of going to bed and starting a new day I can just save, open the game again and keep my day counter low.