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Here I am, brain the size of a planet, and they tell me to take you up to the bridge. Call that job satisfaction? 'Cos I don't.

Take as long as you need man. Don't rush it and release an update with no optimization and a load of bugs. Considering the game is free, people can't exactly complain that updates are few and far between. Look at Unturned. Free to play, and Nelson used to only update it every month or so, yet it garnered an insane amount of Youtube attention. And hey, this game is awesome to me, since I love games like Shoppe Keep, Recettear, Holy Potatoes A Weapon Shop, and other such games that let you run a shop, or at least supply stuff to it.

(Oh, just a tiny request, can you at some point add the ability to change the pricing of items directly, and above a certain price mockup, you lose probability of the item being purchased exponentially. So, if I set a dagger at 110% the base price It'd have a 100% chance of purchase. If I set it to 150% It'd have a 50% chance to purchase. If I set it to 200% it'd have a 25% chance to purchase. So, if I set it to 1000% the base price, it'd have a probability of about 0.01% of being purchased.)

Phew, I am SO DAMNED GLAD I turned my two tin into a hammer to try to sell to a customer who wanted a copper 1-handed hammer. So now I can equip it and get people buying some tin stuff. Cheers!

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I have 2 Ingots of Tin sitting on a shelf next to my Forge, and no copper anywhere, yet the customers always buy Copper, not a single one has asked for a Tin tool. How do I get them to stop buying copper stuff and start buying the more valued Tin stuff?

Yeah, I just couldn't grab them, no matter how much hopping I did. Honestly, I like doing large loads of Ores, I love when I get 2/3 crates full of Ore. But, pushing all 3 back would take so long I could make enough cash from buying all the ingots that ore would make simply from selling tools.

Oh, also, how do you get more light sources for the cave? I want to set up a long line of them going from the mine entrance to the central cave so I don't have to walk blind till I see the crystals.

'Nuff said.

But, for clarity. I load up two crates packed to the gills with copper ore, on day two. I walk back to the shop, and hop off. Then, I try to grab either crate, and even if I park next to a rock and look directly at them, it just says screw you and doesn't let me grab the damned things.So, I start getting a bit annoyed. I figure that if I can just find a way to use something to shove those crates out, I can then grab them. So I grab a polearm grip and start trying to push them out. It's all going well until I drop the polearm in the cart, and lose that as well. And that's when I just save and quit before I put my fist through my screen.

I REALLY hate that cart.

Ok, I just bought a tin ingot to forge a dagger, and it transmuted into a copper heated blade. Then, I cooled it, and it stayed as copper.....That's a pretty big bug =P

Maybe you could get it hosted on GameJolt. 1GB and you can get more if you demonstrate that your game actually needs it to the admins.

Yeah, it was pretty annoying. A customer came in and asked for a greatsword, I grab the greatsword, and it leaves behind the handle and guard xD

Ok, so I have 2 of every weapon laid out underneath my counter, ready to hand it out to whoever comes by. So, I save, log out for the night, and when I come back, all the weapons are dismantled. Is there any way to stop that happening? Because I really don't want to remake all my weapons on every restart.

Oh, lovely. Well, wish ya the best of luck with the game.

When you enter the upgrade screen, if you press and hold S, then you'll back your character away, and if you then start hitting spacebar to hover, you will be outside of the map. If you then hit the elevator, it'll send it up and start the fight, but you won't up there fighting. Instead you'll be trappedi n the Upgrade room.

Not gamebreaking, as you have to actively do steps to recreate it, but you may still want to patch it.

Awesome game by the way, really enjoying dicing up the spider-trons legs.