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How to get Customers to stop buying Copper and start buying Tin?

A topic by Sharayde created Aug 25, 2017 Views: 329 Replies: 2
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I have 2 Ingots of Tin sitting on a shelf next to my Forge, and no copper anywhere, yet the customers always buy Copper, not a single one has asked for a Tin tool. How do I get them to stop buying copper stuff and start buying the more valued Tin stuff?

Unfortunately. Or fortunately but WIP....

You'll need to have a (Metal) Hammer equipped before Customer Believe you can work in another metal.

Also unfortunately (or fortunately but its a WIP and not ready) - They still will ask for Copper, too, always,

It just raises the bar, not sets tier to only that.

So even at Titanium, they'll still ask for Copper, occasionally.

Could be a matter of "unfortunate" due to the new settings....

Or it could be a feature in the works, which may eventually gear Customers to only request that Metal-tier Perhaps even special requests only being in that tier, forcing Hammer upgrades to be a requirement (Previously, I don't think they specifically made the job any easier nor harder, nor was it required to change.. Could be wrong about that though.


You want to, currently, strictly speaking only for 0.0.82, as it may fix/be different/more realized/etc in 0.0.9x - Have 3 tin Ingots before you stop stocking Copper/trying for Copper.

  • Either  A)
    • Have 2 for hammer and at least 1 for Spear/Dagger (1 or less Tin veins at time of 3 ingots)
  • Or B)
    • Have 3 for Pick, and go mining for 1 or more veins immediately, and aim for a minimum of 3 or more tin before opening again. (technically, you can take as long as you like FOR THIS CURRENT VERSION ONLY... in obtaining more tin so technically, a pick is more... "easy pace"?) (Only for current version issues - 0.0.9x is speculated/suggested/whatever to have Tax as well as multiple customer types (King, Church, NPC or some such) - You can see the beginnings of this idea near your bed, where a letter from the king demands taxes will begin eventually for whatever.)

Phew, I am SO DAMNED GLAD I turned my two tin into a hammer to try to sell to a customer who wanted a copper 1-handed hammer. So now I can equip it and get people buying some tin stuff. Cheers!