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Take as long as you need man. Don't rush it and release an update with no optimization and a load of bugs. Considering the game is free, people can't exactly complain that updates are few and far between. Look at Unturned. Free to play, and Nelson used to only update it every month or so, yet it garnered an insane amount of Youtube attention. And hey, this game is awesome to me, since I love games like Shoppe Keep, Recettear, Holy Potatoes A Weapon Shop, and other such games that let you run a shop, or at least supply stuff to it.

(Oh, just a tiny request, can you at some point add the ability to change the pricing of items directly, and above a certain price mockup, you lose probability of the item being purchased exponentially. So, if I set a dagger at 110% the base price It'd have a 100% chance of purchase. If I set it to 150% It'd have a 50% chance to purchase. If I set it to 200% it'd have a 25% chance to purchase. So, if I set it to 1000% the base price, it'd have a probability of about 0.01% of being purchased.)

Hey appreciate the kindness.

I am hoping to add options for players to customise their experience in game. That update will take some time as i don't want to mess it up and i'll definitely consider your request. Thank you!!