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i was in fullscreen mode so i had to f11 to reset. thanks for the help.

i have this problem and i pressed the reset button but it did nothing apart from stop the music for 5 seconds and then i cant press accept.

did you take the application [.exe] out of the folder? if so put it ack in, it will work.

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when i started the game the graphics were fine... I switched to fullscreen mode and went to sleep, all was good until I woke up and the graphics were very pixelated and very dark. the first thing i did was just wait because i thought it might have been something to do with sleeping and sleep in your eyes. after 5 minutes, i tried to exit the game but i had to alt+tab out. i re-installed the game and tried the 32bit version. for some reason when i screenshot it, it just shows my desktop and half of it is the game and its still on the loading screen. please help this is such a good game! D: (this probably doesnt make sence but please try and fix it.)