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A member registered Feb 28, 2017

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Created a new topic How to dismantle weapons?

i've accidently created a few weapons (cause i use the workbench to craft, and sometimes i accidently merge random things), so how do i dismantle them? tried hitting them on the workbench and the anvil but nothin helped

Posted in Bug Reports

Bought a tin bar, used it to make a dagger and the tin turned into a copper blade instead. 100$ down the trash i guess. AND YES I AM SURE THAT I USED TIN AND NOT COPPER.

Posted in Game's broken

works! but now im facing even more issues. one , when i grab a bar all the bars go flying. two, i try to put 3 bars, all of them stick but it uses only 2 bars to make something else

Posted in Game's broken

thanks! its fixed!

Posted in Game's broken

Okay thanks, ill try it now

Created a new topic Game's broken

im not sure if im doing something wrong, but i opened the game, and the graphics were HORRIBLE, to the point where i couldnt see anything. i was sure that the graphics are just very very low, so i went to the graphic tab, put everything on the max and pressed accept. no matter what i pressed, it made the game crash / not respond. i've tried using both the 64 bit and 32 bit (i have 64), still no change. does anyone else have this problem? i can run alot of games (like for honor, rainbow six siege, ghost recon, battlefield 1 etc) but no this game..