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Im not sure if this has been reported or not, but in version 0.0.7 I noticed that sometimes when you put ingots on the anvil atop other ingots they like meld together. Also, I found a glitch (that made me rage quit without saving) that when I tried to make a iron pole arm, when I made the iron part it turned into copper and sold for way less. May you please fix this? Thanks! Also, when you make long things like great swords they sometimes become one with the wall.

Edit: Apparently you can sell 1000 degree weapons to customers as well

I reported the same issue about 5-6 hours ago. A quick fix while Dasius finds a permanent resolution is to just right click on one of the two ingots on the anvil and the third will basically appear out of nowhere or just to continue smithing like there are three on the table and your product will come out as it should. Hope this works for out as easily as it did me.

the hot weapons sell for less I think