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why can't i change my name. i press 'p' to bring up the levels menu and it will let me spend my skill points but when i try and click the 'edit' button it doesn't do anything. I've noticed that when hovering over the 3 skills that you can improve the word is highlighted in red and so i assume that when you hover over the 'edit' button it will appear red. but it doesn't. it just stays black.

is this a bug or is it not possible to chance your name in the game yet. I've seen the names above the customers and they're different. from what I've been told then the customers are actually other players but they aren't actually there.

i need help.

If you notice, in the name box it says something like "Feature Not Implemented". The naming system does not work yet.

all it says for me is -
name: Awesomness Edit

You aren't running the latest version.