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Great game! I had a lot of fun playing it. Even though it's relatively short, I'd recommend trying to implement controller support because these types of games are much easier to play with one. Especially if you want to make more games in this style.

This made me extremely uncomfortable.

Would play again. 10/10.

This is a nice game! I love the artstyle (especially the footprints).

Idk. I've given him all the crystals and he phases though them. Walking into him makes him fly to space, which is pretty fun :).

I don't know what they are going to do, I don't think they do anything yet. There are 4 total, they aren't very hidden. I've tried burning them, putting them in my face, putting them on my bed, giving them to the golem, putting them on the mirror, having them touch eachother, nothing happens.


So, I have a semi detailed idea here. You should be able to build axes. there would be 5 types of axes you can make customers.

  • 1 ingot makes hatchet head
  • 2 ingots makes axe head
  • 3 ingots makes great axe head
Axes you could make:
  • Hatchet: 1 Hatchet Head + 1 One Handed Handle
  • Axe: 1 Axe Head + 1 Two Handed Handle
  • Great Axe: 1 Great Axe Head + 1 Two Handed Handle
  • Double Sided Axe: 2 Axe Heads + 1 Two Handed Handle
  • Double Sided Great Axe: 2 Great Axe Heads + 1 Two Handed Handle
This would be a great feature since it includes weapons that take 4-6 ingots to make. The customers would give you more time for these. Maybe some sort of throwing axe could be implemented too, but I'm not certain.

I'm 100% certain this is going to be implemented, since there is a design for a better shop in the current map, and he went through the trouble of designing the shop shop you're currently using too. If he wanted a completely new shop he'd just make one new one, but he made two, you can probably upgrade shops soon :).

I personally didn't find anything wrong with the tutorial.

  1. What version of the game I'm running: 0.0.7 (latest)
  2. Description of bug: Guy walks into door and won't let me close it. Even if the shop is closed.
  3. An image: I did have an image, but I can't find it.
  4. Steps to reproduce the issue: No idea, it just happened on it's own.
  5. System specs: 8 GB of ram.

I'd say in between the door to the furnace and your bedroom.

So I can't help but notice that the water and fire crystals are unnamed. Could they be named Wisdom and Rage? or do you have other plans for them?