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1. I am using the latest version of the 64 bit, 0.0.61.

2. The issue is that the great sword cost me 36 gold to make, but they only give me 6 gold back, I loose 30 gold from the sells... isn't it suppose to be the otherway around? I make more gold from great swords compared to what I payed to make it?

3. I don't have a pic

4. Just make a great sword in the 64 bit, 0.0.61 and sell it to someone asking for it without any charisma points, you gonna get only 6 gold instead of something like 39 gold or something of the kind that makes you profits.

5. I don't think its needed, its not a graphical bug, or my game lagging or anything that has to do with the spec, its gameplay wise, probably in the coding.