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Realy like your game. But there are some bugs i found.

First: Sometime there are problems with the recognition of the Weapons Material. Then the weapon is listet without the material on the selling list and sells for less then a Bronze Weapon. Was realy depressing since it happened with my first Tin Weapon. Also i get the same prices using a fancy hilt as i get with a normal hilt. And once it even said it was a Tin Dagger on the board, but the selling price was 12 coins

Second: my Money was gone when i loadet my save.

And last but not least: the Lvl-Ups seem to don't do anything. Same selling price with 0 5 Charisma as i had with 0.

Hey Katoklysm,

Unfortunately, I was unable to get a patch to fix this issue for 32 bit version. Those issues you described are fixed in the 64 bit version, but it's unstable. You can give it a try.