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so the countdown timer doesn't stop at 60 seconds it keeps going down im at 40 seconds on day 15 help if this keeps going im not going to be able to make anything in the alotted time frame

hey Dasius the customer coming in and leaving glitch is still happening even after your patch was the patch supposed to fix this or is it still an issue i would like to continue playing after day 14

i figured out that if it's a sword that you're trying to make put he grip on first then the guard then it turns into the proper weapon and you get the proper reimbursement

ok cool i will definitely do that

it's all good just wanted to make sure you were aware of this issue. BTW I love the game is there a way to donate after I've grabbed the game I would donate but I'm broke right now but you so deserve the funds

I have a bit of an issue I've been playing for about 3 hours now and my customers now come in and walk right back out almost like the shop is closed or something also my money completely reset however i still have all my items please help I don't know how to fix this.