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ok thanks for answering that.

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a whet stone I.E. grinding weal for putting an edge on your customers new or old weapons... and if you ever implement plate armor a breastplate stretcher, scouring barrel for chain mail.

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just a thought Pull, or/and ax Bearded ax? also a screenshot feature would be cool.

i do believe what you're referring to is copper and tin.. witch are both in game...

more weapon types such as long swords( Messer, Claymore, Etc.) hand and a half swords( such as rapier or side swords) broadswords(sabers). different tips of knife blades would also be nice such as Seax, Xiphos, Dirk, Cinquedea, and Sgiandubh are good choices.

would like to see bronze swords like the Khopesh, Apa, and Hallstatt D. maybe by adding a copper and tin on the anvil?

Alpha 0.0.63 the patron gets and never makes an order sleeping in your bed dose not fix it you cant even sleep in your bed to try and fix it you kinda push the patron around don't know if you can push the patron into the shop.

if its a black smith shop shouldn't you need to make things like horseshoes?