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So, 0.8 seems pretty stable, overall. Encountering a few issues, though...

Selling items is like pulling teeth. 10 coins for one bronze axe (bear minimum 21 coins in materials, barring mining), 4 for the next. That required a reset, as I was out of money. Tempering items might make them more valuable, but as I got 15 coins for a bronze dagger with a common hilt, with 100 quality...maybe not. There seems to be nothing in-game that tells you about tempering, either. Also, one person outright ignored the greatsword I made for them.

Smelting works well enough, but two fuel-related problems: removing fuel doesn't stop the smelting quickly at all; usually long enough to smelt a bar or two. And leaving fuel causes it to burn until it's consumed, even after the smelter turns off. I'm not sure if logs have a non-firewood purpose, but I haven't found it if it exists.

I'm not sure about the purpose of the crystals, as the fire and water crystals have no tips. I haven't tested tempering near the light/dark crystals enough to figure out what they do, though the effects are neat.

Non-mined ore deposits don't reset after a game day, so if your mine fills with anything above your pick, RIP mining for a while. Leaving ore on the ground in the mine is a bad idea, as I'm pretty sure it disappears if you leave the mine.

I'll probably mess around in Sandbox a bit more, just to work more things out. Nice update, but all of my attempts at making money have failed thus far. The only profit I've had this update was that dagger.

Oh, so that seems major. There's no such thing as a pickaxe above copper. Making a tin/iron greataxe head instead creates a copper greataxe head. Considering the price of those materials, I can imagine considerable anger upon someone meeting that glitch in shop mode.

Further edit: No, that just seems to happen with all items. No matter what I try to forge, it magically becomes copper. Maybe it has to do with using a copper hammer, but I can't upgrade it if my hammer transmutes all metals into copper. Warning to all players: if you manage a profit, stick to copper. Trust me on this one. I wanted to see what would happen if I smelted tin and copper at the same time, but without at least a tin pick, I can't.

Same strange ingot glitch being reported. I'll try and give any details I've encountered.

Snapping ingots in order (closest to furnace, middle, farthest; 1, 2, 3 from here on) seems to work consistently, though it's difficult to get them to snap in that fashion. If you snap them on opposite sides, leave them; moving either to 2 will likely turn that one into what I'll call a "ghost ingot". Ghost ingots can be hammered (silently), though they display very peculiar properties. I haven't noticed enough consistency to say for sure what's happening behind the scenes, though. The silent ingots do seem to add to the hidden counter; hammering a ghost ingot 7 times may not turn it into a dagger, and stacking three other ingots may make a greatsword on the first hit. It's very peculiar.

Moving ingots between the three slots seems to be the root cause of the issue. If I drop one on 1 and 3 and hammer them once, it plays the 2-ingot sound, and if I swap them, they both become ghost ingots. No sound when hammering. If I place another two ingots on slots 1 and 2, it plays the 2-ingot sound once again, and the 2 ghosts are restored to their usual sounds. I've noticed it's possible to have both ingots on the anvil treated as a pair of single ingots, and in general, removing a problem ingot for a forge or two should fix the problem. Rule of thumb: don't move the ingots.

Oh, and the telekinetic hammer bug, where hammering a heated ingot while another is on the forge will act like you hammered the one(s) on the forge. No matter the distance.

I may repeat some that have been mentioned, but a suggestion repeated must be a popular one, so hopefully no harm, no foul.

  1. Materials
    • As nice as the instant ingots are, some method of spending time to save money (mining or buying ore, for example) might be fun. Ore may require a separate furnace for smelting, but if the smelter let you melt blades down into their component ingots, it'd be more than worth it.
  2. Crafting
    • Some method of improving weapon quality would be nice. Maybe I heat ingots, hammer them into a sword shape, then heat that and hammer more, quench, assemble the sword, and take it to a whetstone? Basically, just more with the theme of spending more time to make more money. This could lead into an easier way to cycle weapon types; first forging cycles between sword, hammer, etc., and you can change design by reheating it, or something. And maybe if you make top-tier weapons, you get a reputation? Which leads to...
  3. Shop
    • Less with the theme of balancing time and money, I'd like the ability to "advertise" specific weapon types; maybe my shop specializes in the highest-quality daggers only? This one is more of a pie-in-the-sky one for me, I'll admit. Less of a sky pie, I like the idea of a storage chest or the like, and shop upgrades, though I can't imagine what they might do at the moment.

Yes, it seems like the general bug works consistently; customers with no exit will disappear and leave behind weapons. Day 8 with titanium everything now. Sometimes one-handed weapons seem to confuse customers, but otherwise, stuff generally worked. Except for one lady who paid $10 for a titanium dagger. She's a terrible person. I mean, she didn't actually take the dagger, but still.

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So, I began to encounter the impatient customer bug, where customers would leave immediately, but I'd previously discovered that customers will despawn inside the shop if you close the door behind them. I used this knowledge, and discovered an exploit, and hopefully I can describe it simply enough.

My strategy was to premake all items, then open shop, give them what they want, and close up immediately. Slow, but good for impatient customers. Very prone to the watcher bug, where the customer spawns and stares at you all day, but ultimately very relaxed.

So, day 13 begins, I notice two customers do 180s, and I decide to close the door behind them. I managed to do it, and the customer froze in front of the window. After offering him one of every item, he took my tin dagger and promptly walked into the wall, tossing his $122 into the chest. However, when he disappeared, he dropped the perfectly good dagger on the ground. Saving me the $100 for the tin.

TL;DR, close door behind customers, fill their request, they don't take the item with them. Profit ad infinitum?

Will test this exploit more.

EDIT: Also pointing out, customers will accept items past their time expiring, if you can catch/trap them. Also a bug.