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I have noticed that my game (version 0.0.61) began to have customers come in demanding an item, but immediately leaving. I'm unsure what the cause is. Nothing I did seemed to fix this, including: sleeping, exiting & reloading the game, and even deconstructing a couple weapons I had sitting to the side.

I recall seeing this happen a couple days earlier in the game, and when someone came in who wanted a weapon I already had prepared, they ran to try and grab it, they paid, then customers behaved normally. I entered day 13 and now customers seem to repeatedly come in and yell at me what they want then turn on their heel and march right out hahahah.

This is a short recording I made of the issue. You can see a couple items made, resting on the shelves. To save time, this was pretty much identical to the recording I made where the two items were disassembled completely.

EDIT: I did manage to sell someone something by chance, they came in screaming for a dagger but took a one-handed hammer I placed near the door. That is the only sale I have had recently hahah.

same for me

Hey Lostdragon7.

Could you double check the version you are running?

You can see the version number above your large window at the front of the store.

I want to be sure that the issue is still there after my last patch.

Thank you!!

I feel it is definitely version .61 because it is fully updated, but I will triple check above the windowwhen I get back from work (~8 hrs from now).

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Yep, it's 0.0.61 from the spot above the large window. It's an interesting bug. I'm curious to know what it is... hahah


Thank you for the recent patch and the work you put into it!

I'm no longer seeing the customer bug or problems with item sell values. Doing great so far!