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Torax Outlaw

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The radial menu doesn't work. I can switch to hammer head after I select blades. Restarted the game just in case it was a glitch, nope, it's defo a bug.

Couple of bugs for you man to look into so i can stream this game.

1. When you mess with graphics options i.e. set to full screen instead of windowed sometimes Gamma will set itself to 0.
2. Still unable to edit name in the Level paper-thingy
3. If you move ingots whilst they're on the anvil, they refuse to work after i.e. they cannot be hammered in to anything.

I figured it out my gamma set itself to 0, hitting reset worked, thanks. I have found some bugs for you though, will report them now.

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Well this is an interesting bug. I have a black screen with orange do I rectify this???