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What version of the game you are running.
Running 0062 - Windows 64 bit

Description of any issue or error message
When ingots snap to anvil it often doesn't recognize how many are attached and will produce a small blade, and leave one ingot attached.

Doesn't always happen.

An image(if possible)

Steps to reproduce the issue(if possible)
Prepare 3 ingots, snap all 3 ingots to the anvil, hit with hammer.

System specs.
Most likely unrelated, but i7-6700HQ 24GB of ram.

Hey Willbee55,

Just to get a clearer understanding of the problem;

  • Did you do anything else other then put the ingots on the anvil?
  • How many times have you used the anvil before the issue started?
Thank you !!!

The first thing that was requested was a Great Sword, so the first thing I did was put all three on and try to make the great sword.

The only thing I've noticed after playing around with it a bit more is it sometimes snaps and then unsnaps kind of. It'll stay in that one spot, but the anvil won't recognize it. It happened early when making a dagger. If I right click the ingot it moves a little bit.

In my honest opinion, the old method was good. Maybe just increase the size of the anvil or something.