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This is a little video I made. Doing another for the new update next week.

Just tried out 0.0.61 and I have one huge complaint. The current cost for making a great sword is $36. I Made $6 on that item. I understand that customers may have a variety in what they will spend but there needs to be a minimum amount they will pay that is above the cost of the item. On the first day I was only able to order 10 ingots when I used 13. I will be bankrupt after 3 days at that pace.

I love the game, I look forward to the update.

The only real complaints I have are the days are too short and the lighting is awful. Aside from that everything that needs addressing is bugs.

I have a few bugs,

The first is when I start using the inventory wall, NPCs will enter the shop and immediately leave. Tried it on multiple games and once it starts happening it does not stop even after closing the game.

The second is that the crafting table frequently gets larger items stuck inside it. When crafting a greatsword in particular. The blade often tips into the table itself and gets lodged there. The polearm does this as well. Occasionally restarting the game will disassemble them and unstick it, but this rarely works.

Another is sometimes the forge will stop heating metal entirely. A couple of ingots will start to heat but not reach full heat. After this happens no ingots will heat. This persists through restart.

Almost from the start the coins start getting stuck in the chest lid or fall out entirely. Sometimes because of this when you order new supplies the counter will not go down, allowing you to order an infinite amount of supplies. This continues until the player moves at least one coin from the floor to the chest.

At lower resolutions the lighting is so poor in the bedroom area you cant see the bed and have to hop you find it. It also causes difficulty getting items out of the receiving area at later hours even if customers are still arriving.