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The game looks solid and thoughtful, I love such a kind of play ^^ I noticed that when you put a wall on a tree, the tree bangs in the air ^ ^

It would be practical if you had an ad at the bottom right or left, which indicates to you how much wood you just collected. (This also applies to clothing and food)

The game has potential, I hope there will be something great. I also like to help with any kind of designs

Yes, as soon as I look at the smithy, I have fps drops from 100fps down to 20fps and that even on low settings. Something consumed too many resources.

I keep you posted when something like this happens in further updates.

I always wanted to make my own game and have so many ideas, but I can not program.

Phew okay then I'm reassured ^^

I'm sorry, my English is not the best, I hope you can understand it anyway.

My ideas are:

  1. A sales point like the mat on the counter, as a fixed point of sale.
  2. More storage space or a storage room where you can store more iron bars, gripguards or other items, behind the house would be a good place.
  3. The crystals in many colors and they can be dropped by customers (if they are adventurers and they can not pay with coins). Can be installed in the sword, hammer or shield with and get more money.
  4. Sometimes bandits should come who steal things that you have freshly ordered, if you do not allow them. This makes the stress a little more difficult to handle and stow away.
  5. You can color the various objects and customize them with special engravings, for example, by placing an altar or chisel station on the left side of the shop.
  6. The sales list remains the same, but the items do not come out of nowhere, a supplier comes and takes them (lasting 2-7 seconds).

I have more ideas, but this should be enough to implement it ^ ^

The crystal bugs through the walls, but this is actually quite funny. The items are not included by the customers. There should be a direct sales point. With the oven you have also low performance settings, but this is not bad. My Computerpecs: i5-4460, GTX 1060 - 6GB VRAM, 16GB DDR5 RAM This should actually work well.

I have made a German gameplay of your game. Now you have also German players ^ ^