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Hey, Dasius. I have a pretty bad bug that could probably be fixed quite easily. I had just assembled a Tin Greatsword on my crafting table and the blade just snapped through the crafting table, and I am unable to move it, making me lose 330 dollars. It could be fixed by allowing disassembly of an item anywhere with three hammer blows, or so. I have no idea how to get a screenshot on Unreal and using "prt sc sys rq" isn't working with imgur. My specs are as follows: ASUS Strix GTX 1060 6GB, Intel i7 4790S, 12 GB of Kingston RAM.


Its a common bug known for a long time, its not completely fixed, but its being worked on. He haven't fixed it yet but it's slowly getting improved and better. If you want it to get unstuck, you can rotate the sword out of it being stuck. It's a little wonky to rotate but it works. You could also tap right click to edge it towards you, this usually only works if you rotate it first to get half of it above ground then tap right click.

Thank you very much. Just did it and it got it unstuck.