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i had a glitch were i made a tin (costs $100 to buy one ingot) great sword with a 2 hand gard and a 2 hand grip (not a fancy one) and the person that took it only gave me $33 not $330 so i couldn't even buy 1 tin bar afterwards. This only happened when i used a normal handle not when i used a fancy one.

I would like it if you, lets say, if you made a dagger not a hammer you could change the dagger back into the type of ingot it was. This would be really useful when you use up 3 ingots to make a hammer and the customer goes away before you give it to him and then you could change it back into ingots.

What do the crystals do because i have found 3 of them and i don't know what to do with them. Please do more graphics options because my PC can take a LOT more graphics-wise.

windows 10

16gb ram

64 bit

i don't know anything else about my computer