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Great improvements! now just one more thing and a possible suggestion. when the ai walks they stop walking to reset to their original standing position and then continue walking. its only for a single frame (and it does not bug me) but idk how others would feel about it. plus if you could make it a goal in the game to run the shop and make the player have to pay bills that would be a really interesting touch.

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Thanx Beedly,

I'll be continuing to perfect the AI and I'll do my best to address that issue. It bugs me a bit so i will for sure try to get that ironed out.

I like your suggestion. I just might put it in. :)


Sorry if this has already been answered but how do you fix the bug where the hammer ownt hit the bars?


there may be a bar of metal stuck under the one u hit

The game keeps crashing i want to play and it says that it crashed i have not got to play but i have been trying for hours please help i want to play very bad!!!!!

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my game my little black smith

is all dark and red and a little green and it wont go away


my game is just nonstop night and it is super dark

Turn up your gamma and change your settings. they are all set to zero for some reason

Clicking the reset button in graphics menu fixes the issue, but you might have to change resolution etc back

same with me

can you help me

Hey guys, go to your graphic settings. Turn up the gamma or press the reset button.

Let me know if that didnt help


reseting does the job, but turning gamma up did not really help. it helps me seeing things but some certain objects like walls etc. still look dark and moody.

K thanx vb,

i'll look into adding a brightness slider. Hopefully that will help.

But i cant click in gamma im in fullscreen and the mouse is deregulate to the screen what can i do?

try minimizing by searching what do you press on your keyboard to minimize the screen

Ah i been Playing My Little Blacksmith and Im Day 10 And One Time some one order a Polearm I cannot Hit The one Ingot But When I try two ingot it work So help me so i can progess more

Hey KayleMatthew,

Did you make sure that you had an option selected in the radial selection wheel?

My game reset the graffic options and now its a too high resolution and i cant get in the game


Go to your "(Drive Letter):\Users\(User Name)\AppData\Local\ShopSim\Saved" & delete the config folder. Then re-extract the zip & decline overwrite as you are replacing missing files only. I had the same issue & this fixed it for me. You can get to appdata quickly by running (Winkey+R) this command: %appdata%

Hope that helps!

thank you so much i really liked this game and now i probably can play so thanks

I have this same problem but I cannot seem to find what you are speaking of. I downloaded the game through the application instead of just through the website. Could you help me?

in my version 0.0.72 there is a bug were , in sandbox mod , when i destroy a bolder, some of the parts float in the air and go white.


If the taxes and bill thing is added make it an optional difficulty thing please.

for some reason i'm stuck on the menu is there a specific button i need to press or does the game start on its own.

Hey RedwolfGaming

Should start right away. No need to do anything.

i dowload it. launch the game. doesnt work. i do it on the app to BUT IT STILL DOESNT WORK

it wont launch in ANYTHING. for the app the only info it gives me is "spawn eperm. I WANT THIS PLS HELP ME

The new version lagging very much!!

i have a bug i downloaded the game and when i open it it says The UE4-ShopSim Game has crashed and will close and it says Fatal Error!

i downloaded the most recent version of the game and 32

Hey ImaHacker,

Find yourself to C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\ShopSim

and delete the folder. Run the game and let me know if that helps?

i delete the ShopSim folder?

I tried and it doesnt work

What are your system specs?

How do i know?

how do i know?

Please avoid spamming. 

If you are using windows 10, locate your Taskbar and the search bar, type DXDIAG in the search bar.  This will run the DirectX Diagnostic Tool. Take a screenshot using the PrintScrn button, paste it in Paint or any photo editing software. Then upload the image on here as a response by clicking on the "Add Image" button when replying.

I'll try my best to help you with your issue. 

Thank you!!

Ok sorry but im windows 8.1


if its on windows at all, and you've got a standard keyboard to go with it - hit the windows/brand button on said keyboard, usually between ctrl and alt on either side of the keyboard

Then hit R

Usually people will say it like "Win+R" keys. Hitting them at the same time (or holding one and then hitting the other) will bring up Window's run cmd-line - Typing dxdiag from there will give you the basic run down of your computer specs.

There's 2 pages (generally) of basic specs, the first page is nearly all basic except gfx chip/card - the second will tell you that one, along with some connective devices, sometimes. The other pages aren't generally useful in situations like this.

If win+R doesn't work for you, like Dasius was mentioning, you can simply open the start button, and then in the search bar, type dxdiag and hit enter, you don't have to way for it to actually search for dxdiag or find it in the list. - This feature should work on Most Vista+ versions of Windows... I think.. maybe one of the versions of xp had it... but maybe not.. I dunno. My memory isn't "great"

I have been playing for a few days now and have reached tin, but there's one problem, the customers don't appreciate the tin and order copper. I've already tried just making a tin weapon for the but they didn't take it they just stood there. Any Ideas on how to fix this?


Hello, I'd like to report a bug on when you try to upgrade your stats, I don't know if this has been mentioned, but every time I go to my stats, my character starts looking up which blocks me from being able to upgrade my stats I'm playing the alpha version 0.082 I think that's it, but I love your game and this is just a tiny problem I'm having.

i also have a bug with opening the stat menu , when I try to open the menu my character looks down, I'm playing version Alpha 0.0.82

i think the the item stats don't work i try click shift  click it did't work and the two hidden chest you can get unlimited ignite even platinum you just get 2 bar save and exit and do it like that forever unlimited platinum make a platinum hammer , pickax and a axe u can mine any think make any think   get gold making platinum item this need to fix  or it's chatting and not fun .i love the game thanks for all your herd work 

You do realise this post is a year old now, right? Go to the last page in this community post to find the latest ones, you're in the first page currently.


i ran into a bug while playing i tried to sell a weapon to a customer and the game started to spawn in  an infinite amount of hero gards then game started to lag. btw love your game keep up the great work.

Had that bug as well. Version 0.1.0 . If a customer asks for a specific gard, it starts raining that gard inside the house, filling the floor.. The game goes laggy as well.. Btw, is it not a bug that u can fly when u try to grab a shield that your standing on?

See other reply


It happened (for this patch) because You had a Specific Sword customer, they specified what grip, guard, and blade they wanted, and you didn't provide that.

Don't mess up a Specific Sword Sale, or, don't be holding an incorrect item while the specific sword customer is still there.


Just Dismiss them to begin with and don't serve them.

Don't serve Shield Customers either, as they will cause multiple customers. - just Dismiss them immediately (hopefully both are already addressed, as it sounds)

Tyvm for that! I didn't know multiple customers come cause of the shields.

I ll keep giving them shields though.. It's getting harder but more interesting and more profitable pre hour!

the screen goes black after the unreal engine logo goes away

i've extracted the game and played the game

pc specs:

processor: intel(R) celeron(R)  cpu n3060 @1/6- GHZ

installed ram: 2.00GB

system type: 64-bit operating system, x64 based processor

im using a laptop

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idk what appenned but it doesnt stop 

This Also Happened To Me,When I Held A Weapon,It Always Produce A Hero Guard Instead Of A Round Guard


Sir the new version easy and medium modes are litteraly broken and unplayable so bring the bug formula back please

My screen is black and the game is running but I can't see anything

It keep freezing my game I can't do anything pls help

Hey Sean Nertic,

Not sure if this is the issue has you haven't given much detail but check to see if you meet the system requierements to run the game.

no just no

Okay umm... well i was moving my anvil around and accidentally put it exactly where I am standing. Anyone got a fix for it? PLS?