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hey dasius great work on the new update I love the new scenery but that's not why I'm here, I was playing it to see what changed and I noticed that when I went to right something on the sign out front it wouldn't let me out of it, the menu for the sign was still there even when I walked away and when I tried to reset everything stayed super pixelated and dark not sure if its a bug or just me.

good luck in the future :)

version alpha 0.0.63

awesome user photo xD

I used to love fairly odd parents when I was younger :D

ok glad to hear because its difficult making money if nobody even walks in lol

ok here is a list I have thought of over the past 3 days of different things you could add

1. Enemy mobs and the ability to fight them.

2. Inventory slots and different tools.

3. For making handles use the wood that's in the back of the shop and chop it with an axe (more tools like the one above)

4. To make it more realistic add nuts and bolts and sprockets to hold the weapons together

5. bows and arrows.

6. a small mine shaft too get the super rare ores and ingots but you have to unlock it

that's all that I have for tonight I think It would be awesome :D

let me know what you think dasius :)

Hello Dasius I would like to pint out that on day 13 for me the customers tend to walk in order then walk out as soon as they get to the counter, I'm not really sure why I was wondering if you could clarify it for me unless its a bug anyway Great game I can play it for hours :D


starting to sound like the forest dude :/

wouldn't it? :D

Love it dude I cant wait to see that kinda stuff :D

Hey guys I love the idea of this survival type game its absolutely genius and I have a pretty cool Idea, what if you could go underwater and find ship wrecks and stuff.

Well because this is a unique type of survival game, what if we had a few different roles, like maybe a story line, like how did we end up in the ocean.