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I have a couple of bugs, some more serious than others. (0.0.61)

1: The infamous "Day 13" bug. Steps:

1a: Get to day 13 or 12, sometimes 12 works.

1b: The customers will come in and leave immediately.

2: When I take a sword apart and then the next customer wants it, I can't seem to recombine it.

2a: Make a sword.

2b: Take the sword to the anvil and take it apart.

2c: Take the pieces back over to the workbench and try to put them together (The grip and guard connect for me, just not the blade.)

3: The greatsword glitch.

3a: Get a customer who wants a greatsword.

3b: Make the greatsword and make careful note of how much it cost you to make.

3c: Sell it, and you get around 6 gold.

4: The "Building an item sometimes phases either fully, or partially through the top part of the workbench". This only sometimes happens so it's not the easiest to know if you fixed it. Also, this isn't a major problem, just a minor annoyance.

5: Even less of a problem, you can't change your name even though there is a edit button.

5a: Press "p" to bring up the character menu.

5b: Press the "Edit" button on the top right corner by your name (which is by default 'awesomeness') and nothing happens.