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The shadows glitch out on low quality but i cant run on medium quality due to laptop restrictions

When putting all the settings on low when your in certain positions in the shop the shadows glitch out and also whenever i run the 64 bit version it runs properly but when i run the 32 bit version it crashes without loading up anything

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ok thankyou ill try and doing waht you said and also your awesome keep it up dude ill be sure to ask everyone including you if i need any more help :D

mhm np, oh also i used to be able to run the 32 bit version but not 64 bit now its the opposite anyway i can run both or no??

Im running this game on a laptop but the specs are

processor: AMD A8-7410 Apu with AMD Radeon R5 Graphics

The same thing has been happeing to me as well

Ok so first off great game i love it but when playing on 64 bit the shadows on low quality just bug out when looking towards the furnace and next whenever i try and play the 32 bitversion it crashes when i have everything necessary to run both version but one runs and the other crashes

Great game dude really love it but after a certain amount of days though the A.I walks in then walk out instantly without a time to make anything, it starts usually on day 13, if you have any idea on how to fix this plz tell me, thx.