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Dasius you have a date for the new update

Good morning, I'm here to ask if the crystals have any use in the new version of the game.

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Eprosync said it all, I'm just here to not say I'm ignoring :P

You're right, but I'm a person who likes to cheat in all the games you see, I thought I'd listen to people who are like me but who do not have much knowledge in this stuff, so that's why I'm here to bring this method.

And by my actions I do not want the development of the game to stop because of me, because I think the game has a lot of potential. And believe me, I will speak for myself, and I will not stop playing the game so soon.

Well, for the points and then improving the capabilities should be the same process so I can not test it very much because it takes 3/4 points and it is quite difficult to get them

Please see this: CLICK HERE!

Game version: 0.0.63

Hi, I discovered a bug now 1 minute ago and I'm here to report this bug, this bug consists of using 2 ores instead of 3. Example if we put 2 ores in this position: (Are titanium ores) We can do 1 GreatSword or GreatHammer. With the ores in this position, we are not willing to put the third ore to make the Great Sword / Hammer

Put an ore to the left of the anvil and another ore to the opposite side (can not be in the middle)

Windows 10 - 64Bits

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The video is online, you can go do the manipulation, and I hope I have helped: D

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Good morning, I'm here to report a very, very annoying bug. When I put the ores on the anvil, for example: 2 Titaniums on an anvil when I try to make a one-handed sword a knife always leaves. And with this bug, people are sorry but I can not play, I hope for alpha version 0.0.63. I do not know if it's only for Tutanium or copper ingots (it was only with these ingots that I tried)

The current version of my game: Alpha - 0.0.62

I'm on Windows 10 - 64bits

Sorry if the translations are not correct, I used Google translator

Dasius can you reveal these "plans"?

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Hello, today im here, to show you how to hack "My Little Blacksmith Shop". Is very simple to hack it, you only have to follow these steps:

(DOWNLOAD CHEAT ENGINE FROM HERE: HERE | PS: It's the official website)

Here is a video to teach you how to do the manipulation to make the cheat work: WOW! This is not a link :O

I hope I have helped you and enjoy! :)

Hello, you can make a list of the ID of the games because I always forget the IDs of the different objects and it is very annoying.