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A topic by BestSaladEver created Feb 11, 2017 Views: 16,884 Replies: 36
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What are all these 4 crystals for?


I do not know. I have tried to hit them with the hammer, "readify" them in the smelter or whatever it's called. I'm pretty sure it's a hint of something to come in the future.


Yeah, somewhere i heard that u put them in ur face but it did not work for me atleast.

Yes, it may be for something in future.


i really hope that there is gonna come a use for those crystals in the future too

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To be honest i think the crystals are gana be used to a) make some amazing weapons or b) kill a boss or c) unlock a portal. Now these 4 crystals have something in them that lets them fly and have these abbilities. I dont really know what it is but i do know one thing. If you take the Fear Crystal thats in the house where you found it there should be a devil or monster. Now if you get close to him holding the Fear crystal he will dissapear. Now i dont know what this could mean. Maybe hes the boss or maybe an enemy that you will fight. That is if the develepors give you the ebilty to use weapons and attack other enemies. I dont know what exactly the Develepor is going to do but i know that theres gana be something with this Fear Crystal and that maybe it has something to do with the Protection Crystal.


Hey guys there is no use for the crystals at the moment but there are plans for it.

Dasius can you reveal these "plans"?


Not yet. :(

I'm still working on their grand purpose as I hope to make them central to everything that will happen in the game. I'm only still scrapping the surface of things I want to add to the game. Firstly, I want to make sure the game is working (near bug free) for everyone before moving on to the more interesting content.


Dude , your game has so much potential :D . I just love the art style , enviroment and simple yet enjoyable possibilities . Its strangely satisfying game. May I ask.. do you work on game yourself?(what program you use, how did you make the soundtrack, how long did it take) ?

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can you somehow make it downloadable on chrome? it wont let me get it on my chromebook.

(if you can.)

You could make them kinda like the cores from Portal. Such as they allow you to defeat a boss at the end but until then they just give you tips and are otherwise useless.

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Is that a good idea? I mean, then you might as well just play portal...

I think it would be much more awesome to use them for enchanting of weapons and armour.



There is a glitch where if you open the supply box in the shop, some of the items will fall through the floor


Hey Lawl8,

Is this report for version 0.0.7 or later?

I don't know the current version, but yes

Hey I'm sure your busy and I'm just some random person but I play your game quite a bit despite its simplicity and I have TONS of feedback I'd like to share my email is if you would like you could start a chat room, like I said I have SO MANY IDEAS I think we could have a good time bouncing them back and forth (This is not asking to hire or do business with you)



P.S. I also understand not all ideas could be implemented or even if you will accept (I would just have ideas I have little to no programming experience I just have ideas)

are there four gems i have only 3

I can not save the game because there is always 0 days

theory: the 4 gems when heated and put together it will summon.. SONIC THE HEDGEHOG!!!

jk :P

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Here's a couple ideas,

-Socketed gems for enchangting makes sense.

- To play off the idea of a "special" forge from Skyrim, if you put the crystals in the forge, it can enhance the ignots.

- It'd be cool if they can be mined, harvested from tree sap, or some kind of plant. Or all of the above, and combined into unique gems, thereby minimizing the amount of new object models the dev has to make, while also increasing the the amount of unique gems, and adding another gameplay mechanic.

- Gems could have smithing spirits that help you out with certain tasks while you're asleep.

- Also, the obvious socketed weapons idea, for making enchanted weapons using gems. The question is, should it be in the grip or the blade/hammer?

Leave your thoughts if you liked any of these ideas, or leave a like. Make sure you speak up, so the dev can use our favorite ideas if he/she wants :)

Also, thanks dev, your game is surprisingly fun :) Thanks!


if I may build off a couple of these, maybe use them to enchant the fires of the forge, infusing the ingots with the crystals' effects. It could have a little slot to put them in at the side of the forge and everything

I F***ing swear to god norton doesn't let me have fun anymore! It just deletes every game i download apart from steam. i love your game man but some things just can't be done...

You can disable that..


Your problem is that you have Norton in the first place.

I just throw them around its fun

Ideas for the crystals:

-there are 3 "gates" for the city, if you add one more you can make "a war" where the smithshop would have more customers (it wold be something to help on the start), but there would be also atacks at the smithshop so the player could use weapons, and to summon this attack? Quite easy, get the four crystals, put them on the air above your head, the will go to the correct "gate" and when all of them arive on a gate, they will become portals and the attacks will start.

-you can do a weapon that costs much money, but to make it you need one of the cristals; FIRE:you throw it on the water, and with the cooled adelite, use the hamen above the anvil, it will make a sword that attracts more customers.WATER:put it on the water, create any weapon, when you cool it it starts shining and attratcts more customers. FEAR: use it with mitrium to create a "ball" and you throw it on an other smithshop and everyone becomes afraid cause the swords broke and everithing so everione buys other weapons only at yours blacksmith shop. "LIGHT": just sell the cristal on a "black market" to get 20k

-The shields are only made with cristals, and who asks shields need to give a paper, he can't go and ask it like a sword.



So,i saw you guys talking about the crystals,and i got out of my blcksmith shop to find all of them(im on version Alpha 0.0.7)i found the dark crystal,and when i got to a forest i found the light crystal,and there in the forest i found a giant stone golem,is he bad?

Ok, I took the light crystal from the forest and brought it to the dark crystal. A weird shady guy with red eyes appeared, so I threw the dark crystal at him (knowing me) and it had gone through a wall. I went to go get the crystal, but as soon as I picked it up, my screen filled with black scratchy white noise and the crystal had been renamed "Dark Crystal (Fear)" soooooo I'm gonna keep experimenting with the new crystal, let me know if there's anything missing plez.

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There are 4 crystals

1.Light Crystal-Found near the blacksmith shop where the stone spear and shield is

2.Fire Crystal-Can be legit found near your blacksmith place in the corner torch

3.Water Crystal-Can be found on water ofc

4.Dark Crystal-Found in the small house can let you see the Lord Of Darknes/Lord Of Fear/Warrior Demon etc.

If you put the Light Crystal and hold the Dark Crystal the black thing won't appear since the Light Crystal is the Crystal of Protection idk what the other Crystals do tho maybe the crystal's will be the main plot of the game in the future so yea this is all i know rn lol

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Not sure if this is a glitch or intended, but for me the light crystal always floats back to the gate straight down from the shop. I move it but as soon as I let go, it goes back to the portal (or rather a little in front of it). Anyway, I'm loving the game. It's so simple but also so fun at the same time. Keep up the good work.

Edit: I also noticed that the crystals make noises that get louder and softer, kinda like a metal detector. I wonder if this has anything to do with the purpose of them. For now, they just add some really cool lighting to my shop. Maybe that's the point of them.

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I faced the same issue, still facing that, no solution yet.


I managed to fling the light crystal high into the air how can I get I t down?