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i made a new post about this and why its crashing. you probably don't meet the system requirements which is why it keeps crashing.

try comparing your system spec to the required specs on the game page.

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ok i'm here again to talk about the crash of UE4Game-Win32-Shipping

apparently i need 8 gb of minimum ram to run the game. this is why it keeps crashing.

i have all the correct system specs exept my ram.

i used to have 8gb until my mechanical hard drive broke. i took the pc to get fixed and when i got it back my ram changed to only have 2 gb for use and 6 gb for hardware reserve. so i think my technician messed up my pc. which is why i can't run the game.

and i also think that my technician also messed up some of the ram slots. cause if i can remember there is atleast 1 or 2 ram slots for hardware reserve.

so now that i know what the problem is now. i could say that my old post about this crash and anything related to this is now.


for anyone else that has this issue i highly suggest you check the UE4 requirement and compare it to your system specs before playing or using any of their programs.

also me too. The problem will be fixed eventually. Right now the developer is looking into it trying to find any bugs or glitchs that is causing this.

Also to help fix the problem I suggest you get the dump and logs file and upload it to the developer

Its says my graphics card is compatible with directx 11.

I also searched up about it.

Do I need to download directx 11?

go into the noediter folder and double click on shopsim.ex

there is always a future for a developer that works hard for his creation. And your one of them.

did you get any error logs about an unreal process. If so I suggest you get the logs and give it to the developer.

If not. Tell the dev what you where doing during the time it happened.

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I think I have a solution. Things are saved by there position correct?

So when you log back the items are still there but they are just detached.

So what about creating an I'd to each new item. Like the current Id for this item is 1. If you buy a new item that new item's Id will become 2. This makes each item unique.

The ids will work as a group connection Id. Like 1:2:3

1 is the blade. 2 is the guard. And 3 is the handle. The semicolon acts as that attachment between two ids.

Basically when the game saves the ids. If you load back in the game. The gamewill automatically attach those ids based on your save file. Fixing the issue that your having.

that sound like a real pain. I could just feel the confusion going through when that happens

when you said ATM I though you mean the automated teller machine until I thought of it for a moment and said

"....*atm*. Ooo that's what he means.... at the moment..."

good point. It may take some time though to transfer to a different OS and because of the bugs he is currently fixing

sorry I just haven't played the game yet because of an unreal process failing on me.


it possibly does not support your OS but I will tell you what you should do.

Try to get any logs of the crash like dump files and give it to the developer to be fixed


Raging at the developer to get it fixed will lead you no where. The best think you can do is try to find the logs file and upload it to Dropbox for the dev to view and fix. Games can't be rushed to completion. Patience fellow the time will come

to keep in mind.

The crystals are unknown like half-life 3 being confirmed

It may take awhile to give it a purpose.

In the mean while.... LETS MAKE FUNNY THEORIES. :D

this is exactly why I love the game even though I can't play it. The possibiliesis endless.

if possible make a folder that is excluded from a scan or is considered friendly.

weird.. my antivirus does not do that.

But I do know for a fact that if you download a program that has access to change and update memory it will be marked as virus. Like cheat engine


Donation inbound.

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From all the topics I have red to videos I have watched I truly believe your game has a massive amount of potential.

So far your game has become very popular even though there is a ton of bug and it in alpha stage.

It's even so popular people are hyped to even cheat in it.

Your game has so many combinations of weaponry that the possibility seems endless.

If you where to add a weapon's creation table as in you make blue prints for new weapons just imagine the creativity people could use that for.

Your game even though it's not complete has risen very high.

and I feel that you will succeed further with this game.

- eprosync

looks like a stone sculpture with no purpose yet.



don't worry everyone eventually he will add a mac version but this mean that he might have to change a few stuff in the games mechanics and engine. Also he may not do it until his game is almost clear of bugs. So I suggest this...


In the meantime there are other game to be played that can run on mac. But for now just wait until the dev is either finished with the removal of bugs or until he thinks it ready for an OS transfer. The developer is working hard so don't push him to far. I notice a lot of you guys want the mac version so badly but you have to understand that things can't be rushed or else the out come will be bad. Again


-Eprosync aka an interested player

Don't worry it will get fixed. The dev is working hard to make the game as good as possibl

about 3 days ago i downloaded the game for the first time. i was so happy.

until an error log popped up saying that an unreal process has crashed.

i report the 2 log files to the developer. But something was just bugging me to find out what the problem is.

so i got myself microsoft visual studio 2015 to open the dump file.

i took a good look a the dump file and i noticed the error was coming from UE4Game-Win32-Shipping.

i did not know what that application is but i decided to look into it.


''The thread tried to read from or write to a virtual address for which it does bot have the appropriate access.''

so now i though to myself.. what if i ran it as admin? nothing change. so i though to myself. is it just a bug in the process or do i need to give it access to that virtual address.

so i came here again to get my question an answer. if you need me to post the dump file log (or the file itself) feel free to ask.


i would call it Thor's harmgger.

nice to know that you hit a game record. lets see if you can get to the last metal >:D

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hello again developer and everyone else having problems with the alpha version.

i just wanted to tell you that if you use the itch app to download the game it won't give you a choice or a specific system type to download and run on your pc. An example of this: you download the game but its 64 bit version not 32 bit. the result you can't run it on your computer.

i know your working hard to remove almost every problem so i just wanted to point this out for future updates

look everyone the developer is working hard to fix problem and make the game have the least amount of problem possible. He will make it work eventually just give him some time to do it. Not all games work on all OS and platforms. you should be thankful that he is not jsut working for mac but also for linux.

there is two types of downloads. a 64 bit and 32 bit download. you might have downloaded the 64 bit by accident. Try redownloading the game and make sure you pick the correct download related to your system type.

X86 mean 32 bit and X64 means 64 bit.

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VAC? this isn't a steam game. so no you can't get banned. but possibly in the future the developer of the game may add a banning system.

This has also been happening to me. best thing you can do is get the dmp and logs file and give it to either the game developer or send one to UE4 to get checked.

well its your fault that you wanted to cheat in the game.

also cheat engine does not come with viruses. but it does get marked as a virus since its a tool for modifying an application's memory

i have a good idea but it might making the game more complicated due to the selection of weapons you need to create.

i was thinking of an expansion in weapons. like once you have made all the types of melees you then unlock a new weapons catagory.

an example of that is flintlock weapons and ammo.

basically just more stuff to be sold to customers.

4 crystals? glowing? making sounds when near each other?

sonic the hedgehog confirmed.

look everyone. not all games are built to work with all OS. even is some games can they probably won't even work properly.

its a great suggestion :P

after all your a blacksmith that makes weapons. getting a 'grip' of something new could be 'handy'. :P

also it would be helpful if you could find the logs about the game. But i guess that won't be happening.

theory: the 4 gems when heated and put together it will summon.. SONIC THE HEDGEHOG!!!

jk :P

what a nice way to ruin a game thats in development. by hacking a game you will not get as much entertainment as usual because you would have already unlocked everything. soon you will lose your reason to even play it. destroying the games purpose.