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Brand New FOREST UPDATE + (Explanation from the DEVELOPER about the CRYSTALS)

A topic by cheru2016 created Feb 16, 2017 Views: 6,414 Replies: 14
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Hey guys,

I was surprised today when I opened my itch.io application to see a patch downloading for MLBSS! Seems like a couple of cosmetic changes have been made in the bedroom (it's brighter now), and an entire forest has been placed around the shop, which is bloody awesome! Really adds a lot more depth (albeit an illusion) to the environment.

I've also noticed a lot of people dribbling on about silly rumours regarding the crystals, so I thought I'd put it to rest finally, with an explanation from the developer himself.

Cheers :)


That was funny to watch! Thanx Cheru2016!


Glad you had a laugh :)

The comments section has been killing me, so I had to include it in the video lol. Honestly love what you're doing with the game though, Das!

People are still asking about the crystals in the comments section lol.

Could we maybe sticky this until the crystals actually serve a purpose?


"Could we maybe sticky it until they actually serve a purpose"

yeah, that would be great free promotion for your channel, wouldn't it?


4 crystals? glowing? making sounds when near each other?

sonic the hedgehog confirmed.

Haha :)

Collect all the crystals and you may become a Super Blacksmith, your glowing golden hammer will instantly shape any metal and your speed will allow you to traverse your shop in a fraction of a second.

Sign me up!!!

to keep in mind.

The crystals are unknown like half-life 3 being confirmed

It may take awhile to give it a purpose.

In the mean while.... LETS MAKE FUNNY THEORIES. :D

It's Hello Neighbor all over again :p

Do the crystals just always disappear and go back to their places when you leave?


Is this an old update?

tons old, practically half a year, I think.