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My Little Blacksmith Shop Cheats

A topic by ImSh0t3rPT created Feb 14, 2017 Views: 16,737 Replies: 18
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Hello, today im here, to show you how to hack "My Little Blacksmith Shop". Is very simple to hack it, you only have to follow these steps:

(DOWNLOAD CHEAT ENGINE FROM HERE: HERE | PS: It's the official website)

Here is a video to teach you how to do the manipulation to make the cheat work: WOW! This is not a link :O

I hope I have helped you and enjoy! :)


can´t you make a video on youtube with a totorial because I can´t use your photos

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The video is online, you can go do the manipulation, and I hope I have helped: D

Thanks for the viruses.


well its your fault that you wanted to cheat in the game.

also cheat engine does not come with viruses. but it does get marked as a virus since its a tool for modifying an application's memory

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Eprosync said it all, I'm just here to not say I'm ignoring :P

Cheat Engine is virus now? Lol, it's open source, just check it if you're unsure.


Can you make a video for level hack ?

Well, for the points and then improving the capabilities should be the same process so I can not test it very much because it takes 3/4 points and it is quite difficult to get them


what a nice way to ruin a game thats in development. by hacking a game you will not get as much entertainment as usual because you would have already unlocked everything. soon you will lose your reason to even play it. destroying the games purpose.


You're right, but I'm a person who likes to cheat in all the games you see, I thought I'd listen to people who are like me but who do not have much knowledge in this stuff, so that's why I'm here to bring this method.

And by my actions I do not want the development of the game to stop because of me, because I think the game has a lot of potential. And believe me, I will speak for myself, and I will not stop playing the game so soon.

Deleted 1 year ago

shut up


can you get vac banned for having cheat engine on your pc


I don't think so. I'm pretty sure it's legal because I think it only works for single player games. I think...

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VAC? this isn't a steam game. so no you can't get banned. but possibly in the future the developer of the game may add a banning system.

VAC only works on Steam games, as the name says, "Valve Anti Cheat", and Steam was made by Valve. This game however, has nothing to do with Valve or Steam.


I agree with Eprosync, to an extent. As some of you may have seen, I already did a video on this yesterday.

As a YouTuber (you may interpret this as hypocritical or double standards - do as you wish), I'm always looking for new and novel ideas, and trying to push the limits of the games I play to show my audience things that they otherwise wouldn't be able to see anywhere else. Much of the time, this also works in favour of the developer, IF and WHEN, the methods for doing so aren't made readily available to every 6 year old and his dog.

Revealing this kind of information and giving instructions on how anyone/everyone can do it, does ruin the mystique for the community. There's a difference between going to a magic show, spectating, and being amazed by what you see, and then going to a how-to-do magic show and being shown how to replicate the magic yourself.

The first one leaves you with a feeling of awe and inspiration. You can't stop thinking about it. You want to tell your friends about it. It consumes you.

The latter results in every child in the auditorium going to school at lunch time and showing off his new found trick to all of his mates that already know it.

Just my 2c, anyway. I'm not condemning the OP by any means, but I wouldn't have handled the situation like this personally.


I feel I should put my 2 cents in here.

I have been enjoying this game enormously, you have no idea. My only 2 complaints are how slow you move (even when holding Shift), and that when you break open a supply crate everything has the potential to go flying everywhere (even under the ground in rare cases). Yay physics lol.

For the latter (second), I find that 3 ingots is all you can request (I usually order my ingots separately for this reason) before they go flying too far. I usually order 5, and they're still within reasonable distance.

For the former (first), I have edited the save file. Where do you find the variables? In hex code with your favorite HexEditor.

At level 7, when I decided to change this, I didn't know how easy it would be, but I knew the variable had to be in that save file somewhere. I've had mixed success with CheatEngine on games, and there's so much alt+tabbing that it's painful. So I decided to check how easy it was with the save file.

I shall not reveal all the secrets or post a how-to (due to both the above mentioned reason, leaving something to the imagination; and to having people learn about how to really USE computers :), but if you are looking to change something, it's rather easy to do in Hex code. It's even got some regular ol' English mixed in to help you on your way!


Simple as, wanna cheat? Do it, if you dont, dont do it.

sadly video was removed