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I agree with Eprosync, to an extent. As some of you may have seen, I already did a video on this yesterday.

As a YouTuber (you may interpret this as hypocritical or double standards - do as you wish), I'm always looking for new and novel ideas, and trying to push the limits of the games I play to show my audience things that they otherwise wouldn't be able to see anywhere else. Much of the time, this also works in favour of the developer, IF and WHEN, the methods for doing so aren't made readily available to every 6 year old and his dog.

Revealing this kind of information and giving instructions on how anyone/everyone can do it, does ruin the mystique for the community. There's a difference between going to a magic show, spectating, and being amazed by what you see, and then going to a how-to-do magic show and being shown how to replicate the magic yourself.

The first one leaves you with a feeling of awe and inspiration. You can't stop thinking about it. You want to tell your friends about it. It consumes you.

The latter results in every child in the auditorium going to school at lunch time and showing off his new found trick to all of his mates that already know it.

Just my 2c, anyway. I'm not condemning the OP by any means, but I wouldn't have handled the situation like this personally.