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A member registered Feb 13, 2017

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Hi there! I`m glad i can help you with your game.

There`s my bug/glitch list:

1. Level up page. - if you pres P many times your page will be invisible(you can see just the red +)

2. Low shadows - if you select low shadows everything flick very dark and very bright very fast.

3. Main Menu no cursor. - some times when you enter the main menu(escape) your cursor dissapear,it only appears if you press left or right click.

4. High and Epic Post-Processing - everything is very very bright,cant look at it.

5. False virus detection (Bitdefender) - ShopSim.exe is detected as virus if you use Bitdefender.

6. Bad optimisation - everything on medium make the game laggy,i can play GTA V better on medium settings.

7. When you reach the map limit grass,sky and mountains (or rocks) become blurry.

8. When you restart the game (saved it first) you will have the default graphics settings(so,it doesnt save the settings)

9. When you restart the game (saved it first) your shop name will be default size.(so,it doesnt save the size of the shop name)

10. You caracters body parts (especially feet) will glitch inside small rocks and trees.

11. Jump on the furnance.If you move you caracter slowly on the furnance border AGAIN everything becomes very bright then very dark.(i think thats a shadow issue)

12. Put a crystal near a window.Drag it from the other side and you will see your magic crystal going thru the window.(works with wooden logs and wooden crates too if you try harder)

13. "Place Order" text is in the air.

14. I can move that really big stone guy who is in the back.I can make it jump too,and glich him inside trees.

15. You can block other characters and they go crazy.

16. If you throw a crystal high,youre not gonna have it again.

17. Crystals can be glithed inside trees and rocks.

18. Downloaded the game for 64-bit but it runs in 32-bit.

I think thats enough for now.

Here are my important pc specs:

CPU: AMD A10-7850k 3.7 - 4.0 GHz

GPU: AMD Radeon R7 250 1GB 128Bit GDDR5

RAM: 8GB DDR3 1600MHz


Game version: 0.0.61

I apologize for my bad english,im a romanian guy.

Hope that game become big.

MaxINFINITE brought me here.