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Hi, I'm here to post a bug. In version 0.0.62 (I think that's the name, there might be one more zero) there is a chance that your customer will get stuck, forcing you to reset the day. This happens when two NPCs walk across the path of the customer while they are on it. If they squish the customer between them, they will be forced to move to the side, but will keep walking. However, I had a customer get stuck behind a pillar, and now I have to reset the day. This is simply because of the angle at which the customer approaches, aswell as the placement of the pillar. Here is a picture: . Unfortunately, there is no way to easily reproduce this bug, as it was pure chance. This was in the Windows 64bit version.


Its happened to me a lot, where the customers would come from a certain direction then get stuck on a prop or entity and just stand there, Other times, NPC's will walk into the customers and then they wont be able to get to you, but most of the time, the customers start jumping out of the way and then they get to the shop. Its such a hassle that the waiting timer doesn't start until they get inside the shop and so ive had to randomly choose a weapon and keep going back n forth to give it to them.