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after some time playing at this game iv noticed a few things that could be ajusted/added, the main thing iv noticed is you cant access the menu button in the menu IE settings, im figureing this is becuse this is just a demo. the second thing i noticed is if you have the auto miners up and you let the world get enough items on it (( stones logs and everything else )) it starts to slow down the game a little. best way to counter act this would be to stake items of same type. that way theres not so many intatys on screen. need resipies for eggs, and more resipies for flowers. past that 10/10 on this game. iv been enjoying the demo. and wish i had the money to buy the full game when its out its addictive. (( one small thing to think of seeing as it will be on steam is to add in multi player up to 4 people and eather have them all start on the same islend or have them start on 4 islends side by side. or 4 random islends scattered across the entire map. just a thought make it co-op or pvp ))