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Gratz on making it man! Can't wait to get it this fall!

Possible way of auto collecting fish traps late game, and a buffer system for items to reduce lag, buffer system could be a right click on obj and items drop on the ground as they do now for a nice effect.

How many fish traps do you have? Do you have a mining laser up?

I've recently hit many of the same marks as Elijah after having 16 total hours of play across 8 different saves (had to delete saves a few times do to bugs that have been listen in bug reports). 

  • Any object placed on both land and wood boards will be partially ables to be walked through. (as shown above)
  • Fish traps in a large quantity cause frame lag, I had a total of 53 fish traps down and was dropping around 10 frames when they all went into the caught animation.
  • On very rare occasions while shift placing down wooden boards and fish traps I managed to place on in between the grids of placeable objects, this was ok for the fish trap since they can be broken but the boards just left an odd space that couldn't be crossed and built upon.
  • The total number of items I could have on the ground after making a fresh world and mining/waiting and gathering enough to crash myself was a little over 5k
  • Many processed goods are not worth making for money which leads to a tad bit off a lull in gameplay after getting my 13th island and having the next cheapest island be 16k+ 
  • The Market expansion that gives the market more slots would crash me after trying to get to the market and would revert the point spent but not give me a credit to spend again, so at level 26 I had 23 points spent, I tried it twice. 
  • The mining laser ended up causing large amounts of lag as resources would sit on the ground and I would forget to grab them on my far off island
  • In regards to eating food, Using shift/ctrl to eat food and waiting for the bar to finish works as intended but eating food while the bar exists in any form causes it to reverse in progress.
  • I had a really fun bug after going afk and a stack of 7 rocks on 1 spot had spawned in nearby.

I've really enjoyed this so far and cannot wait for it to release will 100% be on my to buy list