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This is a really interesting concept which is so far well written. The intro had me hooked as did the whole scene with the quiet girl in class who I both relate to a lot and think is so cute. I didn't read that the protagonist was male at first but I read ahead anyway despite not being able to fully relate because of the writing and concept. Good Luck with the rest!

It's great to see a wholesome and friendly story done well. All of the characteres are interesting especially Jack who is so cute :3. Take all the time you need and good luck for both games.

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Cute and very interesting story. I appreciate the personal dialogue options like if you want to drink or not. I don't drink so that makes me feel more connected to this character than a lot.

I have played both of your girl's love games and both were some of the sweetest games I have played. Thanks for making them!

This hit me really hard. It felt almost too real at some points, definately the best depiction of depression I have seen. I'm so glad it isn't made light of nor overdramatised. The rest was also absolutely adorable. I'm sure that I am going to be replaying this one a lot.

Ah! I didn't see that coming. Thanks for letting me know everything Is all fine.

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I chose for my character to be a female ( as I am) and for the 'love interest' to also be female.  This was not what I found as the game went on. I was introcuded to a prince, supposedly my bethrothed. The game looks interesting so far so I hope that I can still play the more comfortable route for me.

It may just be my play style or my skill choices but I found that once you get multiple islands and stop spending nearly 100% of your time collecting resources they spawn too much and fill almost every space on the islands.

Could the spawning speed of resources be adjusted either manually or automatically depending on the number of resources on an island so you can still walk? As has been mentioned a few times paths would help a lot with this. Spawning speed might also be something to consider when multiple players are in a game.

The game is still great regardless.

This game was simply amazing! A fun, dramatic and sensible story. I loved the character Sophia so thanks to whoever designed her and the scene after the play with Charlotte made me laugh.

Cute! I didn't really connect much with the main character, she's more my type while I'm a bit more like Nelly maybe. To my surprise that didn't matter, I enjoyed watching them both slowly fall for each other. I also liked the thoughts and questions about time travel. Keep making great games : )

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This game has 5 routes, 4 guys and 1 girl. You would think any girl who likes girls could play it for the girl route without bothering with any guys, or maybe go for friend endings with the guys? No, you can't. I never showed the slightest romantic interest in a guy yet was forced to sit through scenes where my character would blush around guys or worse. Not recommeded if you only want the girls route. can't comment on the male routes.

Oh I see. It looks like you were the one misunderstanding me the whole time. My opening statement was how the game made it seem the girl was MADE to change. I was never talking about changing without cause.

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I know many people that have had their sexual orientation their entire lives and I have never heard of anyone's changing. Since there is no proof for either case it seems we have to agree to disagree. - I'm also going to delete the original post soon because i don't want to turn this game page into an argument.

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It is that simple. If people could in any way change sexuality then back in the days when gay people will persecuted, no one would have ever been gay. Also there is no way I would have been gay. People can have pretty strong ideas about what they think they are. I realised that mine was false the whole time.

I was hesitant to try this game due to some of the language used in the description. When I did though I found it was actually really cute. The only disappointment is that the only way to pay for the game is with Paypal. If you would consider setting up another method of payment I would happily buy this and your other game since it looks just as cute as this one.

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Wow that was adorable. The art and the way it's animated, especially the ending it was so cute! - The only shame is your character is pretty unmistakably male. Females need cute girls too :)

I can't finish this :( . It's a shame since it seemed so good at the start. Even though the character in the story is referred to as 'they' it feels so much like i'm playing as a man I can't get into it. It broke the immersion for me.

This Visual Novel is simply amazing. I was hesitant at first but I found myself being dragged in by the main characters feelings and Lily's energy. It was adorable, funny and by the end I could not stop smiling. Thank you for making my day.